A Piece of the Real World

A Piece of the Real World It Is always nice to listen to accomplished people talk about their life, how they began, how they persevered, and how they came to where they are now. Such Is how I felt when I was listening to Mr. Dlosdado “Ding” Salvador while he talked In class. True, there may have been times that my mind was wandering, but I believe I was able to pick up the valuable parts of his stories. Most of what I picked up is actually quotations from him, things like “Perseverance is important. d “It pays off to become loyal and to work hard. ” and some clich realizations based from his stories. I have always had the belief that clichs are clichs because they are true, and once again that belief was strengthened by the realizations I picked from his stones of his experiences.

Mr. Salvador’s story was a classic “trom rags to riches” story, how a hard-working man was able to raise himself from the state he was in initially to a much better state of living. He stressed the importance of being hard-working, because of course. e hard-working and to be persevering is to try anything and everything you can to achieve a goal, and when you do your best, you attain that goal, but if you don’t get the goal even when you’ve tried so hard, It might not Just be for you. Because of his background also, Mr. Salvador valued education very much. He said that one’s first Job might dictate the career path of a person so one must be choosy. He might have not been able to be choosy when he was starting, but soon he was able to choose the company he wants to work for.

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There was one time when he became unemployed when he fought with his boss. He stood up for what he believed in, and he worked hard to look for a job to support his family. This shows the part where you really cant please everybody, because if you want to please everyone, then nobody will like it. We really cant meet the demands of all people so we have to choose what we should and can prioritize. When he became unemployed, he had to accept a Job that was way below his first Job, but because he was needy, he accepted it. But he was able to get back on his feet.

He encourages everyone to work for a multinational company, because multinational companies are big and prosperous, however, he recognizes the fact that the job can and might become difficult. He was also known to be the manager who brought out Filipino managers to lead operations in different countries. But while he was like that, he had a lot of enemies as well, or it also cant exactly be said that everyone loved him. He even shared the rule about bosses, Like how they are always right. He has learned his way to be a leader who can assert his authority for the accomplishment of goals hile looking out for the people who work with him.

Listening to people like Mr. Salvador inspires youth like us to aim for a high standard of living when we reach a certain age. It makes us hope for a life that is peaceful. prosperous and meaningful, one that can be celebrated by peers and family. The most important part of this probably Is that that life wont come to you, or ‘ You really have to go through hardship to reach an accomplished life, which is why it is really important to have a goal in life, and to have the will to work hard for the accomplishment of that goal.