Physics. It is all around us and without it, we wouldn’t be making progress and new discoveries. Theories bring new answers, but also new questions that helps us understand the concept of the theory of physics in more detail.
In this essay, I will be debating on how physics is related to car safety. I will be explaining various reasons for which tragic events happen when driving a car and how it is all with connected with physics. Then I will be discussing their role in mechanics and analysing their ‘physics’ value. I’ll also include the reason safety features are really important and why cars are constantly evolving. 

Car safety is something extremely important, and if it is not taken in consideration, it could cause serious consequences. Nowadays, car designs are constantly evolving to adapt to different situations and environments. Particularly, in the last 40 years, people have been focusing on safety, when designing features on vehicles. This is reducing the amount of deaths and serious injuries caused by car accidents. To explain in further detail and understand on how these safety features work, they can be better interpreted by using Newton’s Three Laws of Physics:  
The first law is called ‘The Law of Inertia,’ and it states that “every object at rest will remain at rest and an object at constant velocity will remain at constant velocity, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”
The second law is called ‘The Law of Force,’ and it explains on “how the velocity of an object changes when it deals with an external force. It defines force to be equal to change in momentum per change in time.” This law can also be explained by using the equation to calculate Force: 
Force = Mass x Acceleration. 
And finally, we have ‘The Law of Action and Reaction,’ that says that “for every force ( action ) there is a reaction force that is equal in size, but opposite in direction.” 


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