Physical education is associated with a healthier lifestyle,
lowers risks of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, but most importantly
obesity. Physical education has a lot of benefits but unfortunately most
children in school are inactive. The lack of physical education in this country
has led to earlier aged obesity. Regular physical education will help the youth
stay healthier, it is a very important component of childhood development. It’s
very important that physical education is included as part of the regular
school curriculum.


Physical Education has always played a big role in the school’s
system. Due to spending cuts and raising the bar on academic requirements it
has put this academic in jeopardy. As a result, many parents and teachers are
trying to save the physical education aspect in school and to make it mandatory
in schools nationwide. Physical education should be required for all public



            When adults think of physical
education they think of going to work out in a gym, running on a treadmill or
even lifting weights. But for kids, it means playing and being physically active.
The most common time that kids exercise is during the time that they have gym
class or during recess.  Unfortunately, over
the recent years the time that kids should exercise has been either decreased
or physical education has been cut completely. Physical education helps with
promoting student’s general health so when they get older it is implanted in
their brains on how to go out and exercise and be healthy.


The benefits of physical education are huge. Physical
education has been associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular problems and
has also improved life expectancy, so physical educations importance is
obviously a big deal but its values in children need to be justified. It is
never too early to start teaching children healthy habits in life. In middle childhood,
it is the time where children really take everything that they are taught and
think what is being taught is influential. It is the stage of development where
they are usually taught healthy eating habits, develop exercise routines, and
maybe even start to get involved in team sporting activities.  “Young people will carry established
healthy behaviors throughout their lives such as better eating habits and
decreased likelihood of smoking” (Shilton, T. and Naughton, G. 2001).

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Physical education in middle children’s lives will help develop
healthy muscles, bones, joints, and will help with build a higher neuromuscular
awareness which helps with their coordination. Most importantly it enables them
to help to maintain a healthy body weight. Physical activity has also linked to
phycological by controlling the children’s over the symptoms of depression and
anxiety.  Physically active children have
also shown that they adopt other healthier lifestyles like avoiding drinking,
smoking, and drugs and demonstrate higher academic performance at school.


Physical education helps one gain knowledge about the
overall aspects of physical health. In today’s world, there are several health
problems like obesity, bulimia, and diabetes, are growing fast among teenagers.
According to a story by ESPN outside the lines “”Put simply, at a time
when every penny is being pinched by every school in every district in every
county in every state, physical education is taking a beating. The experts and
educators say there is no doubt that the erosion of P.E. has been a major
contributor to the skyrocketing obesity rates.”


Through physical education, teachers can help to express the
benefits of healthy and nutritious foods and help to draw children away from all
the junk food by pin pointing the harsh effects that it has on one’s body. Not
only does physical education teach about the exercise aspect it also touches
base and teaches kids the importance of personal hygiene and important of
cleanliness. Teachers guide students by informing students about everyday
personal hygiene habits that should be used. Not only does Physical education
in schools teach about fitness and personal hygiene it also teaches about puberty
which is something kids in school will eventually or are currently going


Besides the health and knowledge benefits that PE class in
schools provides it also teaches students a way to relax and unwind and relieve
themselves from any stress or anxiety. Sports and other physical activities
that are offered during the PE class are a break that many students need during
a long day of academics. 


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