Physical Education

Speed is: To put body parts in motion quickly, or the maximum rate that a person can move over a specific distance. Speed is essential in all aspects of the game because with out it you will find it difficult to keep up with the fast pace of the game. Speed has benefited vast amounts of players in their own individual games. Strikers are renowned for being fast sprinters as they need this ability to get past players. With so many young, quick strikers coming up through the ranks this is putting a whole new demand on defenders which is, they must be quick to keep.

As a defender myself I can speak from experience and I feel because I have the ability of speed, I can perform better than other defenders as I can move around the pitch quicker and move into positions before them. This allows me to receive the ball and then we can start to move the ball up the pitch and create an opportunity to attack the opposing goal. For example if a centre back has the ball I can move quickly into space using my speed so I can receive the ball from him and then play it to another player.

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Examples of players who have this ability are Michael Owen, Thiery Henry, Rio Ferdinand and Roberto Carlos. The main parts of the body used in creating immense amounts of speed is the legs, ‘fast twitch’ fibres allow the muscles in the legs to contract quickly to allow speed to be produced (The above diagrams show the muscles involved in producing speed. ) Foot and Eye Co-ordination Foot and Eye co-ordination is: To use the eyes and hands together to accomplish a given task, such as kicking a football.

Any football player must have foot and eye co-ordination otherwise they will not be able to kick the ball. This is because if the player can not kick the ball when he is looking at it and is stood still then he will not be to play in a full game, as he will not be able to pass or shoot. As a defender I need good foot and eye co-ordination as I will need to do both short and long passes (i. e. when hitting the ball down the line for a right winger to run on to) and shoot in some cases.

With out this I will not be able to make good contact with the ball which will lead to a poor pass and the possibility of an opposing player to intercept. Football is centred around the ball so all players must be able to control the ball, pass and shoot and this can only be done with good foot and eye co-ordination. Some players are have excellent foot and eye co-ordination which allows them to make clean and good contact with the ball enabling them to hit longer and more accurate passes. One of these exceptional players is David Beckham.

Stamina Stamina is: To exert maximum effort over a period of time. Your stamina is measured on how long you can perform for at any one time. All players need to maintain a high level of stamina regarding there position as each individual player must work for a minimum of 90 minuets which is a considerably long time, this can even be extended to 120 minuets if a game continues into extra time. As a defender I need to maintain a high level of stamina to be able to continue to perform to the best of my ability for the full 90 minuets.

During this 90 minutes I would be running up and down the pitch supporting the wingers and coming back to help defend. So if I inefficient level of stamina then I can not perform to the best of my ability. A central midfielder will need the highest level of stamina as he is the link between the defence and attack and must be working all the time. A good example of this kind of player is Roy Keane or Patrick Viera. Stamina an be improved by continuous cardiovascular exercise which will increase a persons level of stamina thus allowing the person to perform longer in a giver sport.

This form of exercise develops the heart muscle and makes it bigger and stronger. Agility Agility is: To move and change direction and position of the body quickly and effectively while under control. Every player has agility just some have it more than others. In a game a wide variety of players demonstrate good agility whether it be a striker weaving in and out of defenders to try and create an opportunity t shoot at goal or it may be a midfielder weaving in and out of opposing midfielders and creating opportunity’s to attack the opposing goal.

As I am a defender I need a lot of agility as I as I need to be able to move my body and change my body position quickly when tracking back to cover a centre forward who is using his agility to try and dribble the ball past me. In England we have some excellent footballers who are full of agility such as Joe Cole, Steven Gerrard, David Beckham and Trevor Sinclair.