Photographs plays a massive part of today’s world and documents
photographers lives or express their imagination. In today’s society there are
conflicts and opinions that are outspoken to the world. Art allows us to
reconnect with people through the use of expressing their thoughts and feelings
through photos, paintings/drawings, videos and sculptures which permits society
to acknowledge how each person is emotion. It is so powerful how people can
communicate with each other and different people through the use of art which
is why it is so beautiful.

My personal photography is ‘Surrealism’ and ‘Digital Manipulation’ and I chose
this theme due to the fact that I wanted to focus and improve on my Photoshop
skills and learn how manipulate multiple images together to produce a surreal photograph.
My aim in my work was to create an image which would be impossible in reality and
has been altered by obfuscating aspects and perspectives on it. My focal point
was to focus on the exposures and shutter speeds to create ghostly forms and
abstract shapes as my aim was to show the image beyond the physical world as we
know  it. Over the past three years I
have produced a number of scrapbooks, incorporating photographs, drawings and
cuttings. I spend a lot of time studying magazines such as.

Despite my passion for
photography, I also had a desire to do business. I chose for my A-Levels
Photography, Business and Travel & Tourism. Throughout my business course I
developed skills in market research, understand the values of sources of
finance and planning and creating my own personal product that would sell
effectively and successfully. During this subject at A Level my interest grown
and developed and can observe different businesses analytically and put an
opinion on making changes and improvements. I relatively enjoyed business and
can see how it has an impact on everyday issues. On the other hand Travel and
Tourism I was investigating the travel and tourism industry, researching UK and overseas
destinations, how to conduct customer service in travel and tourism. During my
course we had to form a group of 5 and create an event for our chosen target
audience. Within this time I learnt how to work independently within my role
and also to work as a team too in order to satisfy customer’s wants and needs. Both
of these courses allowed me to expand my analytical skills. They made me
question my assumptions about how people think and act, and has left me able to
think clearly about the world’s issues and what customers individual wants and
needs are. Applying these skills to university assignments, projects and work
placement opportunities will support me to be successful in photography.

After finishing school I felt that there was a lot more I could learn from
photography. I want to be in a creative environment surrounded by like-minded
people as it stimulates my mind and pushes me further to improve on my work. I
am fascinated in expanding my technical knowledge in terms of the techniques on
the camera, as well as this I want to achieve my knowledge about the practices
and photographers evolving in the creative industry. I am very motivated to build
and enhance on the experience, skills and knowledge that I already have through
my A levels and I will commit with my eagerness and determination in order to
be a success for this degree.

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My gap year
has allowed me to dedicate all my time and effort into photography. During my
time I have visited The Photographers’ GalleryCF2 . The gallery
encourages creativity and opens artistic minds. I find the London art scene
very dynamic and diverse and everywhere you go is a walking inspiration. My
current favourite online exbitition is the CARTES POSTALES: Jan
Dziackowski. His work showcases his unique handmade postcard collages combine with
collection of vintage magazines and books.

 The duration of my gap year has
changed the perception of the world for me, the key thing in life is to have
dedication and motivation. Working full time has given me greater maturity too
and has made me more organized in terms of handling money, saving it and
purchasing possessions that will benefit me through my photography course such
as cameras, tripods and equipment. Additionally having a job as allowed me to
see places such as Paris and London and go to events that will allow me to
express my photos and see meanings of life. A
gap year would also aid my preparation for university life as I believe the
experience would improve my confidence and independence.


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