Philippines, Great Place to Visit

Nowadays, from little kids to adults, everyone is busy. As a result, it became general for everyone to seek for a moment of break after a long time of hard work. Where would be the best place to spend those valuable breaks? Philippines is a great place to spend those breaks because of its nature, culture, and people. One reason why the Philippines Is a great place to visit Is the nature. This tropical country has splendid beaches, glassy water, fascinating landscapes, tropical forests and active volcanoes.

I’ve been to Mindoro, an island in the Philippines, with my family when I was little. I liked It a lot for its beautiful sceneries. Tall, thin coconut trees were amazing and they looked great with the white sea shore and blue sea. My favorite part was the water, for It was so crystal clear that fishes underneath could be seen with naked eyes. It was first time for me to see an underwater world. Creatures that I could only see through screens, such as coral reefs, crown fish, sea anemone and many more, were just in front of me. underwater adventure was surely a breath-taking experience.

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Ever since, it became one of my top most unforgettable memories. I’m sure that the warm sunlight, shining sea shore and cool water will offer the best relaxation for everyone. Better still, Philippines’ unique culture makes a trip more enjoyable. Two prominent aspects of their culture are the costume and the food. Filipinos love holidays and festivals. IVe had a chance to witness their festival during the visit. On festival days, people dress in costumes and dance on the big streets. Their colorful costumes can be visually engaging and sometimes mind-boggling.

They are also cultural remnants, paying homage toa nation’s glorious history and unique heritage. Through Early cultural contact with various nations, the style of cooking and the food associated with It have evolved over many centuries from its Austronesian origins to a mixed cuisine of Malay, Spanish, Chinese, and American, as well as other Asian and Latin Influences adapted to indigenous Ingredients and the local palate. One food that I cant forget is a balut or balot, which is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. It was a cultural shock for me.

But experiencing different cultures have widened my perspective for sure. For example, when someone talks about balot, I dont get surprised or think that it’s creepy anymore because IVe seen it before. Experiencing different cultures don’t just add fun to the Journey, but also It allows a broader understanding and open-mindedness. Most importantly, Filipinos are the main reason to travel to the Philippines. When travelling, everyone wishes to meet someone nice because we know that the people are the major factor, which akes up wonderful experiences.

For me, Filipinos have taught a lot of things. It’s true that most of them are poor, but you can see smiles everywhere. They seem to have found a way to happiness and gratefulness even without wealth. Another good trait about them is that they love to share. I’ve been toa remote mountain with my friends and teachers and we met local people who live on the mountain. I was bit 1 scar ed, but they greeted us with a big smile and gave us potatoes to eat. It broke my prejudice that the poor people are greedy.

Though the ountain was awesome what made a bigger impact in my memory were the people I met there because I didn’t feel like stranger at all, even though everything is different. In a nut shell, Filipinos are very memorable, hospitable, and friendly people. In essence, there are a plethora of good places for relaxation and valuable lessons to learn in the Philippines. Great sceneries, inspiring culture and hospitable people will offer food for thought all throughout the trip. Not only the body but also the mind will be enriched throughout the visit to the Philippines.