Petroleum is not evenly given out 15 countries do 75 percent of the worlds oil supplys and 93 percents of reserves.Fossil fuels are the main source of primary energy worldwideMany oil companies use cost efficent ways and are reductant to use new expensive technologyOil reserves in north seas/norway are emptying, still 5th largest oil exporterOil reserves having an affect on Lofoten making it less attractiveGhana is sitting on 600 million barrels of oilOil spills can be anytype of oil in any type of situation (underwater,underland and more).The Oil Pollution Act is an environmental regulation that was made in 1990 to prevent oil spills. InDirect  contact with skin can irritate the skin and absorb into our bodyInhale the oil and chemicals used to fight against itDrinking the water and or eating plants/animals contaminatedOil spills are 12 percent of the oil in the oceanOil cannot dissolve hence making a thick sludgeSuffocated fish and stop birds from flying and sunlight for plants underwaterOil stops the insolubility of animals that have furOIl can expose harsh animals because it strips them of natural elements that keep them warmOil can be poisonous to all things that consume it Oil stops the insolubility of animals that have furOIl can expose harsh animals because it strips them of natural elements that keep them warmOil can be poisonness to all things that consume it65 new or stillborns baby dolphins were washed up on shoreEndangered pelicans were drenched in oilScientesr found orange globules in oysters and shrimp believed to be part of the dispersant86,985 square miles or 36 percent of federal waters were closed in the gulfDepressive Illness had increased by 25 percent after 3 months of the rig explosion 2.600 residents surveyedDomestic violence in areas near the oil spill had risenTourism had died after The spill as the area lost its attractiveness When cleaning themselves animals may consume oil which is poisonousWhen being in environments with oil many fish can see smaller growth bigger livers and changes in heart and breathing rates.Oil spills have been a problem since the 1960sCosts of oil spills have a devastating impact economically and ecologicallyThe oil blocks out light killing aquatic plant life and animals that need sunlightaquatic life because it prevents sufficient amounts of sunlight from penetrating the surface, and it also reduces the level of dissolved oxygen.The long term effects of oil spills have yet not been identified but animal populations do take time to rebuild and rehabilitate, after time animals may still be affected.Animals consuming the oil can be toxic which can destroy the rate of reproduction and make populations declineWhen an problematic oil spill occurs all fishing is shut down and suspending in the fear of catching contaminated fish and or seafood for the safety of fishing equipment differ from oil spills.Louisiana took a big hit from the infamous BP oil spill. The highest costs affected the catch of shrimp, oysters, crabs and menhaden.The  BP oil disaster had cost the commercial fishing industry plenty, total cost totalling to $94.7 million to 1.6 billion in under the first 8 months of the incident and up to 9,315 jobs were lost due to the fact that there’s no where to fish that has not been affected by oil.Conventional steam – Oil is burned to boil water for steam and then making energy.Combustion turbine – Oil is burned under pressure to produce hot exhaust gases which spin a turbine to generate electricity.  -Oil spills are liquid petroleum hydrocarbons spilled into a ecosystem like water. -Its created by human mistakes -Oil Spills are forms of pollution-Oil spills happen when a shipment of crude oil is leaked into the water, improper fracing, -It also affects the underwater life -Oil spills affect all living life. It affects animals fur making it lose it capability to protect itself from the cold. Oil spills can take up to days, weeks, months, years to clean up. It also depends on the water and weather Oil spills are also threat to humans, they are the biggest fire hazard Spilled oil can effect close by lakes and drinkable water sources making drinking water hard to find Animals who use the smell to find their babies or mothers will not be able to find them anymore because of the strong odour of hydrocarbons. This will lead animals like baby ducks to die because of starvation Oil spills can also effects birds. The oil that spilled on the water will get on their wings and take away the ability of them flying and fleeing from their predatorsIf any animals or people drink the water that the oil has been spilled will die from liver, kidney infections or other diseases. To clean up a oil spill there is a oil consuming bacteria that is called Sulfate-reducing bacteriaOil spills will produce hydrocarbons in the air similar to the smell from your cars exhaust which reduces the air quality in that area  


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