PESTLE audits for Tesco and the NHS

Companies like Tesco need to keep a eye out on changes in Government, they will view the changes and government, they also need to know what political party are in power, changes in laws, changes in health and safety, Tesco will employ staff to investigate the new coalition.

As we are at a time of recession the government are making cuts, Tesco will have to research these cuts and see what has been cut, If Tesco was using loans they might not be able to get them anymore, Due to government cuts, there will less Jobs available, this would be bad for Tesco because sales of Tesco will go down.

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If there is a recession, people will have less money which will decrease Tesco’s sales, because people won’t have enough money because of this recession, If there are Job cuts, people might go to another shop, or may even buy cheaper alternatives, People will spend less on their shopping, all this leads to low sales, and low sales lead to less profit.

As there is a coalition the government are constantly making new laws, cuts and several changes, they have made a lot of changes which include Tax changes, This is because they have lots of new ideas, Tesco will have to investigate these Coalitions and make changes to their business, If there is a change in the government for example they raise the VAT, Tesco cannot ignore this and must increase the price of their products.

New countries, as Tesco moves to other countries such as Asia they will have to know the political regulations of that company, they’ll need to know business laws, and Information on Terrorism, they need to know the policies of the government, the taxes.

Tesco need to take into account the recession as the recession means less customers, because they’re less jobs and money in the economy, the down point to this is that Tesco will make less sales because there is not enough money in the economy.

Tesco will need to know the economy of every country they in, They need to know the state of the economy of the countries that they are in, The state of the economy in the UK will be different to the state of the economy in Asia, so they will always have to know when and what is the state of their economy.

Tesco will have to look at employment rate of their customers in all areas, If there is high unemployment then Tesco will have to lower their prices of offer discount because if they don’t they will be to expensive for the customers and the customers could buy products from a cheaper business, or buy cheaper alternatives, and if the unemployment rates are low then Tesco can put their prices back to normal.

Tesco will need to know the disposable income of most of their customers, if they have lots of disposable income, Tesco can charge high prices, and sell higher quality products, If Disposable income is low then Tesco will have to charge less money for their products which will be cheaper quality.

If the taxes have increase then Tesco will have to charge tax on top of their prices so they won’t loose money, For example if the VAT goes up 2.5%, Tesco will have to charge this 2.5% because they don’t want to loose money.

Tesco will need to investigate values, beliefs and culture of their customers for example they need to understand that Muslims can only have halal meat; they will need to understand their new markets. Entertainment levels need to be examined by Tesco for example they should understand the latest fashion in entertainment such as latest CDs, games, music, phones and Mp3 players.

Tesco will need to investigate the demographics of their customers, for example if they have older customers, they will have to bring in products for older customers, and if they have younger customers they will have to sell suitable products for their age range.

Tesco will have to will need to know the income of the customers in their area, if the customers have a higher income Tesco can sell them higher quality products at higher prices, whereas if they make a lower income Tesco can sell lower quality products for lower prices.

Tesco need to know the education of their customers because if there customers are getting high education they will make more money in the future so Tesco can sell them high quality products because they know that they can afford the prices. Tesco need to view the occupation levels of their customers for example if they live in a area where there is quality skilled workforce who earn lots of income then Tesco can sell Expensive brand products as the customers can afford them.

Tesco need to investigate the internet and internet updates about their websites, they need to advertise, show their products, also provide updates on their business, on the internet is where Tesco do most of their advertising.

Tesco need to know about their machinery which include Latest, TVs, CDs, Cameras, Security, Music, DVDs, Phone, Laptops, Computers, MP3 players, They will need to know about these so they can sell them to their customers and match or get better prices than their competition.

Tesco need to investigate online shopping, they need to use the latest products and security available to prevent things like fraud, and also online they need the latest products so that Tesco can make money as the customers can buy the newest products.

Tesco needs to investigate the changes to laws for example smoking laws, they have to enforce this law and make sure that no one smokes inside their store, Tesco will have to abide all laws that the government has put in place and enforce them, and if a customer smokes inside the store they can be prosecuted.

Tesco need to investigate opening times for example there are rules regarding opening times, if they want to be open 24 hours a day they must get a license for it, also they need to know about the Sunday law.

Tesco need to understand that they need to charge customers extra for the VAT, so they can pay the government the tax or Tesco will have to pay it from their own pockets.

Packing is so important to supermarkets; on their own packaging they make sure they have their Logo’s, Colours and Slogans. It’s a legal requirement for the ingredients to listed when selling food products to let customers know exactly what they are eating E.g. Salt Extracts. They also use packaging to protect the goods and also keep them fresh.

Tesco must not leave their waste lying around, they must recycle or dispose of their waste correctly, If they do not do this they could be breaking health laws because their store will be unclean and you must keep your store clean and up to a good standard so it don’t affect the customers health.

Tesco understand the importance of recycling, they will recycle all their cardboard boxes and materials which can be recycled. They also recycle within their customers as Tesco have different coloured boxes outside their stores which they use to put waste that can be recycled.

The NHS will need to keep an eye out in changes in the government because they are owned by the government and also follow changes that they put across for them, the changes the government makes will be applied to the business straight away because the government owns it and it is easily applied.

The NHS will need to keep a look out on Government cuts because this will that the NHS will get less money so they will have make changes in their system and cuts in their budget so that they can afford the right equipment and treatments.

The recession affects the NHS because the government are making changes which mean less money for the NHS to spend, so they will have to make cuts on things like treatments and machinery, the NHS must know if there is recession in the economy so they can prepare for it, huge cuts in equipment and medicines and also Job cuts also high redundancies in the economy due to this recession.

The NHS will have to know about the changes in laws, due to the new coalition they are loads of changes regarding health in the law which the NHS must follow and if they don’t they can get into a lot of trouble, they will need to investigate and train all their staff on these rules, and then they must enforce these rules and discipline staff who don’t follow these laws.

The NHS will have to investigate the changes in economy recession because if there is a recession going on the NHS will get less money from the government because there will be less tax coming to the government because of less people having jobs, so they will have to decide on things to cut down on in the NHS.

The NHS will have to investigate the increase in unemployment because if there are more people without jobs it means that they will be making less money which means the government will get less tax money to spend in places like the NHS, so the NHS has to cut down on their budget.

The NHS will need to investigate the increases on Taxes because if the government needs money for public services they will have to increase Taxes rather than borrowing from another country, if the taxes are increased more money will be spent on the public sector which NHS is a part of.

The NHS will need to investigate government cuts because if the government makes cuts, NHS will get less money so the NHS will have to control what they spend the money on, This could result in the NHS have cheaper quality medicines or equipment.

The NHS must investigate the values, beliefs and cultures of their customers because your patients are of different religions you must ask them consent for things like taking blood and surgeries, the NHS must also server food that is suitable for all religions, the NHS will also need to have praying places and things like mosques and churches inside the hospitals.

The NHS will also have to investigate the demographics of their customers, they need to investigate this because they need to know their customers ages, so they can put them in an appropriate place to get their treatment, NHS would place the older patients together, and the younger ones in a different place from the older patients.

The NHS will have to investigate the income in different areas; if there is poverty in a area their will be a higher chance of disease because the people in the area have less money to look after themselves with, the NHS investigates the income so they can determine how many people will visit the hospital.

The NHS needs to investigate the use of internet because they can advertise and advise their customers using their websites; they would investigate the use of internet in their customers because if their customers use the internet a lot they can refer them to the NHS website.

The NHS needs to investigate machinery because they will always need the newest machinery so they can treat their customers, if new machinery has come out the NHS will investigate it first then buy it if they need it, they will need machinery for things like performing operations.

The NHS needs to follow any changes to the laws, for example things like smoking inside buildings, if someone is smoking inside the building and the NHS has allowed them they could get into serious trouble, so the NHS must enforce and laws and changes to them from the government, and if they do not follow them they could face punishment.

The NHS need to investigate their waiting lists because if they are making their customers wait for to long the customers could get annoyed, the NHS will need to improve on their waiting times so their customers have are happy with their service without waiting a very long time for it.

The NHS need to investigate health issues because if the hospital is unhealthy and unclean, there is a bigger risk of infection to the customers who are staying there, so the NHS must investigate their health issues and fix them before its to late for their customers.

The NHS will also need to dispose of their waste using the correct method, either by using bins, or recycling their waste if it can be recycled, if the NHS does not get rid of this waste their hospital would be unclean and unfit for service, NHS has a lot of waste such as needles and things like bags, which they must dispose of correctly because they leave them lying around then someone could use them and get seriously ill.

They have to look after their ward’s in the hospital and keep them clean, they have to make sure there are no super-bugs in the hospital for people to catch, the NHS will have to put adults and children in different wards from each other to prevent diseases, infections and bugs being passed to each other, the ward’s must always be clean to prevent illnesses.