Sexuality is the sense of gender identity in human beings and it refers to that core of recognition that distinguishes female and male. The biological aspects are the easiest to use as the physical features tells it all. Sexuality has been in human race for ages and it is even traced back to the ‘hunters and gatherers’ era whereby the lifestyle of then showed a clear picture that there existed a gender sensual way of living; the male hunted while the female gathered. The 20th century saw a lot of globalization take place; economically, politically, and sociologically.

One of the social aspects that have undergone metamorphosis is the sexuality of man (Masters, W. H. , & Johnson, V. E. (1966). The 21st century has come to correct the weakness of the preceding era and strengthening its strong areas through well researched project in order to develop human sexuality at the same pace. Research questions What changes have taken place in human life about sexuality in 21st century? What led to making sexuality an open topic in 21st century? Is there still hidden information about sexuality in the public domain? What are the shortcomings of this liberalization?

Literature review Throughout that century sex views have progressed by use of debates and liberalized talks that lay out the facts about this topic that was a restricted subject in public domain in the preceding years. Literatures were written and even some like magazines started doing features that made understanding our sexuality easier and the voting of the first ever sexiest woman was voted during this period. Influential figures especially female advocated for the dynamic attitude towards sexuality giving this subjects a non-restricting atmosphere on this topic (Rathus, A. R. , Nevid, J. S. & Fichner-Rathus, L. , 1993).

The biological characteristics of human beings that differentiate the male from female where accorded a lot of privacy till the arrival of a people who believed in the ‘more flesh is beautiful’ slogan. Clothes that covered the chest completely were ditched for cleavage revealing clothes. And long legs came on fashion which made outfits that revealed the legs generously an in thing. This kind of an attitude identified with the women mostly who wanted to show their sexuality by flaunting their body parts which had previously been concealed in clothes (Katchadourian, H. ,1989).

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The top society members especially the highly regarded and noble people started dressing in garments that exposed much of there bodies than it covered. The fear of nudity reduced immensely and even pornographic shows became a norm. As the century moved on professions like modeling took it to another level and graced the runway with briefs and swimming costumes with impunity. This has become an acceptable cord today. Psychological sexuality is the critical sense that one to have toward his or her gender. At the beginning of the century the way the man or a woman perceived themselves was guided by the genders dictation.

However, with time the 20th century has seen the emergence of sexual debates with some people arguing that the same sex relations should be accepted in the society to blossom to marriage. However the big question came up; how was reproduction going to take place? This saw adoption of children written in papers as a way of reproducing. Homosexuality came to life even as the upright in the society opposed but the open minded people on the sexuality issues let it go(Rathus, A. R. , Nevid, J. S. , & Fichner-Rathus, L. ,1993).

In the 20th century there came up the gender equality debate that saw women being treated with the same breath as men. The dressing code was redefined and the roles reviewed, the female got a chance to dress as she wished and the man found himself playing the role of the ‘gatherer’ while the lady the a ‘hunter’ when time called for it (Beach, F. A. (Ed. ). ,1977). Sexuality has also changed when it comes to sex perceptions and with it the shortcomings if this exposure is felt. The unassertive females have become dominant and even display advertisements citing their needs from a man. The conservative woman is gone.

The culmination of this revealing attitude that women have given way to a new outcome: even a married woman has been given the mandate to sue her husband if he rapes her, unlike early in the century where conjugal rights were granted to a man unconditionally. Sex has become insignificant with couple divorcing and heading for another spouse at a high rate. The institution of marriage is losing its santity and rule of for good for worse is waning. The moral standards of the society has decayed, prostitution has become a profession with sex as the tool of trade (Walen, S. R. , & Roth, D. ,1987).

This evolution of human sexuality has taken the following graph shape (graph 1) Naturally women are endowed with the sexual characteristics of beauty; this has gone a step higher to show how view the on sex has changed. This a major draw back as it has brought a new era of sexuality exploitation. A stunning model is used in adverts to capture the attention of sexuality alongside the product on sale. Inventions of the 20th century have changed these perceptions of the people with the coming of sex toys, contraceptive and libido enhances. This has made sexuality become divided-both sexes feel independent of each other.

Primarily sex was for reproduction but today is mostly done for pleasure, with some people opting to use toys instead of getting a member of the opposite sex (Abramson, P. R. , & Pinkerton, S. D. (1995). To a great instance, the 21st century has found sexuality reduced to something simple, an everyday affair that everyone is at liberty with. All the notions about this subject are no more under the rules; it’s an open topic for all. The media houses are taking it a step ahead by using topical issues on this subject to cultivate interest of the audience.

Children of the 21st century are taught in schools and exposed to sexual related affairs at an early age (Rathus, A. R. , Nevid, J. S. , & Fichner-Rathus, L. ,1993). Eight years into the 21st century, the trend is the same with more solid facts being unraveled and the old concepts of 20th century questioned. There a lot of questions on the health matters in relation to contraceptive and even scientist are hard at work to reverse the childbirth process by use of test tubes in the name of saving women from the aftermath of childbirth in relation to their health.


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