Our personality largely determines how we relate to the other people in our lives and in the environment we live in. Who we are will affect how we go through the everyday interactions with the people that we encounter in our everyday life. Our values, traits and experiences affects our perception, therefore, it affects the way we think and the way we perceive other people. It also determines how we process our experiences and the actions of the people we interact with. I am the friendly, easy-to-get along with type of person.

I look like a snob on the outside, but in reality, I am approachable and easy to talk to. I could talk to almost anybody, about anything under the sun. I would like to think that I am a good conversationalist, as I enjoy exchanging stories with other people because I learn a lot from them. I like the thought of looking into another person’s life to mirror my own experiences and help me deal with the difficult situations that I have to go through. I am very groupist and I enjoy doing activities with a number of people.

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I am more of an extrovert than an introvert, despite wanting to be alone at times. I need time for myself sometimes, to be away from everybody for a while. This does not mean that I do not want to socialize with people, it’s just that there has to be a period or time that I set aside for myself to gather my thoughts and reflect about my life. I would like to think that I am good at relating to people as I know I have many friends and I am not afraid to meet new ones. I don’t cringe at going to parties or social affairs even if I know none of the guests.

I am comfortable with myself and confident that I will find someone to talk to even in places where I am a complete stranger. I am also very eager to help people whenever they need it. I want to be able to be that person who will be available to anyone in need of help. If I have the capacity to do whatever assistance my family, my friends, or even strangers need, I would do it to the best of my ability. I think that because of these traits, I rarely have conflicts with the people around me. I am a very easy person, never opinionated or argumentative. I value relationships.

I give time for the people I love. I guess it’s safe to say that I have healthy relationships because of my values. We all have different personalities and I believe that the key to healthy and loving relationships is understanding and acceptance. I know I am not perfect despite the fact that I try to be a good family member, friend and classmate. Just the same, the people in my life are not perfect and I have to understand and accept that. Through the graceful acceptance of our flaws and weaknesses, we get to understand each other’s plight as individuals.

We get to share our burden; we get to enjoy life with each other. I am not an unsafe person, I never was. As I said, I believe that I have healthy relationships in my life. There may be conflict at times but I manage to fix these conflicts and we end up being closer than before. I know my weaknesses and I admit it to myself and other people. I am open to criticism and I deal with it constructively. I look at criticisms as a room for improvement so I could grow as an individual and member of the society.

If everybody would think this way, the world will be a better place to live in. I met an unsafe person once. It was one of the relationships that I cried and struggled over but looking back, I think I do not need that relationship now. I am glad that the person is not part of my life anymore and he has nothing to do with me anymore. I tried to help him but he would not let me. His brain was closed to what he believes in. But what he doesn’t know is that other people see something that he does not see in himself sometimes. He is defensive when people tell him about his weak points.

Instead of listening to be able to work on those weak points, he dismissed them and goes on with his usual ways. I think that he will never change unless he acknowledges his flaws and starts on improving himself to grow and mature as an individual. I tried to point this out to him when we were still friends but he never listened. He even took it against me thinking that I do not understand him and I make his reputation to other people bad. I never meant to make him think that way. All I wanted was to help him but he never let me. I do not regret having met him though.

I know that he came to my life for a reason. He was meant to teach me something. Despite the negative turnout of the relationship, I am still happy that he came to my life because I became a better person because of him. David Myers’ book touches on the one quality that needs to be developed in order for a person to be effective in his community or workplace. Self-esteem tremendously impacts people in the workplace. An example of this is in group decision-making. There are several factors that may affect the decision-making processes.

Some of these are the cohesion and motivation of the group. If the people in a group make collective decisions under normal or extreme conditions, and if they have enough self-esteem in making successful decisions in the past, then, they would be making correct and confident solutions. The distinctions between the normal and the extreme conditions depend on the characteristics of the situation. A lot would depend on how teams spend their time in analyzing the problems, exchange, form and evaluating of ideas and solutions.

A good leader in an organization must motivate, inspire, be led and lead, while making the environment safe for risks and mistakes. Only those who are have the self-esteem in their own capabilities are willing to obey or give directions. They must also demonstrate the ability to lead by example, ethically, morally and purposefully. Good managers regularly communicate the vision and empower the culture within the organization. They continue to build trust and lead the challenges of a constantly changing workplace and society.

They understand that it is necessary to incorporate balance not only in the lives of others, but their own as well. This encourages their people to think about life and work differently. The success of a well-managed organization is dependent on one’s ability to organize, direct and motivate the efforts of the individuals. An effective manager needs to know the interplay of all theories of management into action in order to be successful as a whole. In fact, effective communication and attentive listening are buzzwords in the management world lately.

Psychological concepts of David Myers can also be used and relate to the workplace set-up. For managers, fulfilling the happy and promising pictures of organizational management are far more difficult than what are described in books and journals. People are complex entities with unique needs, and have the seemingly endless desire to be noticed and given importance. There are a lot of psychological factors that come into play. Attentive listening among employees needs to be encouraged because it can be a miraculous cure to messy people issues within an organization, albeit not a panacea.

The task of a good team leader is to focus the attention of his people by articulating a compelling vision of the results. ” This compelling vision, on the other hand, arises from the habit of attentive listening, because attentive listening piques the awareness of the leader to the needs and talents of the members, as well as to the demands of the customers. Attentive listening enables me to develop feasible and measurable goals, challenging objectives and motivating action plans that best suit the interest and personality of the members.

In this way, managers will be able to provide objective centered leadership to the colleagues who have been leaderless for six months as well as quell the negative impressions surrounding my appointment. Employees who practice the right obedience and attitude on the job in their careers lead to their good perceptions of their work. Leaders must not only master the proper way of encouraging self-esteem among their members, but must also practice it horizontally with their superiors. Only by comprehensively applying positive self-esteem to all areas and levels of the organization can its effectiveness be actually gauged.

Nevertheless, a manager’s effort to invest within his/her team can reap rewards in the form of trust and friendship and reap more rewards through the fulfilment of the team’s goals. I believe we all have the capacity to possess and maintain loving and healthy relationships in our lives. Our personality and outlook in life will determine the kind of relationships that we have, because these things define how we respond to other people and the situations that life give us. No one is perfect, therefore we need to be more tolerant and compassionate of other people just as we should be about ourselves when we err.