Sexuality and sex are two very different things. The Webster Dictionary defines these two terms. Sex can be defined in two different ways. The first one is the distinction between the male and the female while the second definition states that it is the phenomena of life concerned with sexual desire or reproduction. On the other hand sexuality is defined as the possession of sexual power. But the context of sex had been more associated with the action itself.

Two different things but are usually connected with each other. I grew up in a very traditional, religious and conservative family. I stayed with my grandmother for about three years before she died. My family is of great influence on how I perceive sex. The bible became a friend to me so I see sex as sacred. I believe that sex should only be done after matrimony or marriage. So even before I was a child, I told myself that it is important to keep myself pure for the person that I will marry.

I will only give myself to the one I love and deserve my love. And until now that I am twenty-one, I still live on that thought. During my teenage years, almost all kids at my age are doing it but I am still lucky that I have a group of friends who are just like me and think like me so it was easy to avoid the temptation of the want and need to belong with the rest of the kids. There are some things preventing me from committing some sexual behaviors and giving me the attitude on sex that I have right now.

First of all, I am afraid to bring unwanted shame to my family by getting pregnant because I was not able to take precaution before doing something. Next is that I am still not ready for something like that. I want to be sure that whenever I commit the act, I will never regret the consequences it might bring. Sex can wait. I am not in a hurry to experience the things that most of kids my age are doing and I am not pressured. For me it is just a matter of self-control. I don’t need to be pressured because having sex is still a choice.

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