The road to picking your college of choice is never an easy one and it can involve a lot of stress and sometimes confusion. However, as I apply to La Sierra University I can say with conviction that this school and the Biomedical Science major is the perfect choice for me. My experience in child development as well as the coursework I’ve completed in the field of biological sciences has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the major and what I want in my professional career. The four years at La Sierra University will allow me to take these academic and professional desires and turn them into a reality.

Thinking back to September 2004 when I walked through the entrance of Ayala High School. I had no idea what my time at the school would be like and what opportunities would be available to me next. During those four years I had joined The Future Homemakers of America (FHA) where I had concentrated on child development. During my freshman year, I participated in FHA’s child development competition for actively involving children in a story. I was then invited to Fresno, CA to compete state-wide where, I won third place.

I was also a teacher’s assistant (TA) for my child development class, which allowed me to gain one on one exposure to children from ages four to six. During my times as a TA I assisted the children in various academic experiences such as arts, crafts, and reading activities. I’ve loved working with children for as long as I can remember, this experience made we want to combine my two favorite subjects and make a lasting career out of it. Also, during those years I took Biology CP, Economics AP, and English CP classes, but I found that I had the greatest interest in my biology course.

I enjoyed the challenge of finding organism in a frog and telling how the blood circulates through its body. It was also very intriguing for me to learn about the cells, DNA structures, and genes. Although the four years in high school were challenging as they both test ones academic and emotional development I found the entire experience to be very rewarding. By being an active member of FHA and completing a vocational certificate in child development, spending time doing volunteer work at food drives and homeless shelters, as well as just working hard as a student I was able to take away so many real world experiences from my four years.

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The balancing act between classes and extracurricular activities was difficult however I found my way and was able to graduate with an, honor roll GPA of 3. 75 and after spending many months, and maybe more like years, preparing for and thinking about college I feel I have found the right area of study and academic setting for my success, La Sierra University and the Biomedical Science major will be the first step in helping me achieve the long-term goals I’ve worked so hard for over the past few years.


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