Personal Responsibility

Kevin Sheridan Studies present the validation of a self-report scale capturing “academic entitlement,” which is defined as the tendency to possess an expectation of academic success without a sense of personal responsibility for achieving that success (Chowning, 2009). Responsibility is a phrase that has lost moral value in society. Personal responsibility was once an idea that gave an individual a sense of purpose for the task at hand. Gave the youth of the world the feeling of Independence from their over nurturing parents, and the freedom of making self-sacrificing decisions as college student away from home.

Personal responsibility is a lost art that needs to be readdressed to the youth. Taking responsibility for the actions developed on the individual level is the way to creating a better environment for students to thrive in college and beyond in life. My Definition The definition of personal responsibility Is. the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management (Collins English Dictionary). I believe that the more open a person is to taking responsibility for their actions the more they become trustworthy.

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Too many people depend on one another to Just ignore the idea of taking responsibility for the actions they made. Personal responsibility has a great meaning to myself. My personal definition for personal responsibility Includes everyday task of waking up on time to get ready for work to making sure that all of my classwork is completed, organized and properly done. Personal responsibility doesn’t Just stretch out for a few moments and doesn’t only involve myself. It encompasses my whole life.

I have been planning my wedding for next summer and constantly need to make sure that y fianc and I are on the same page with ordering food and entertainment for the big day. Every single Idea, action, or word I say needs to have the sense of personal responsibility tagged along in order for people I work with and live with believe in me that the task at hand will be completed. Personal responsibility is a core value of mine and needs to be a value for many people looking to get life back In the right direction.

College Success The relationship between personal responsibility and college success is enormous. In school, we are all taught to take control of our futures. We are given the athway to success by our parents and our teachers over and over again throughout childhood and adolescent years. On the scholastic portion of personal responsibility It Is up to the specific person to take the lead and to turn in assignments completed on time and be prepared to take tests for any subject. Personal responsibility is painted all over a college campus.

From the administrators collecting information on the students and completing the appropriate documents so a student can continue going to class without and problem to the teachers who take time out of their day to create lesson plans for the future classes. Teachers and administrators can only do so much for a student and then it is up to them to take responsibility or control over situations to complete activities and assignments. College is filled with surprises that doesn’t make life an easier, but if an individual takes responsibility for the actions needed to survive through college they will certainly have a successful adventure.

Time Management A great way to succeed in the classroom is to have a preliminary plan of action. For a class such as ours, one that only meets once a week for a few hours, the responsibility of getting work done and essays written falls all on me. Getting all of my assignments turned in on time presents many challenges that would make it easy to Just quit before the class gets any more difficult. Always having a plan for the future is the easiest way to make sure thing get done on time. Such as dedicating a few hours every day to complete assignments or read over material for the next class session.

Or learning how to create lists or plans of action to get work turned in on time. My own plan of action for this class has already changed my weekly routines. At first it was an unwelcoming idea, but as time progresses, work does not need to be ut off until the last minute or hour. Making sure to get my work done in a timely and orderly fashion absolutely brings the level of stress down and allows me to focus on reviewing my work for the little details I should be looking for in my work discussed during class. The quality of a person’s work will be increasingly better if they give themselves enough time and have a good action plan to follow.

Without a solid plan of action for my school work and schedule I believe that everything else in my life would start to fall apart. Moreover, the mediation analysis suggests that a possible athway by which greater conscientiousness results in greater academic achievement is through the use of time management strategies. That is, more conscientious students implement more effective time management practices, which allow them to succeed academically. This finding replicates the work of (McKenzie and Gow, 2004). Conclusion Personal responsibility needs to be brought into a more serious light.

Especially for the younger generations personal responsibility have a greater effect on them as they head into situations later in life. It is a meaning lost in translation and can only e resurfaced on the individual level. Making sure to give myself adequate time to complete work for school and also for everyday situations is essential to creating a prosperous environment for future endeavors. Success in life to me is measured by the amount of effort put into my work. The only way to make sure my work is great is take responsibility and control your situation.