Around twelve years ago, I enrolled in an out of school activity that has followed me until this very day. The piano has been a part of my life ever since I was six years old. My first music teacher Mr. Rosenberger had a very traditional no-nonsense method of teaching. For eight years, the reputation of the five finger groups, scales and music theory became second nature to me. I enjoyed Mr. Rosenberger’s teachings and even saw him as part of the family, but I grew tired of the lesson books and wanted to branch out onto more complex pieces.

My big break came to me in the fifth grade. My school hosted an annual musical recital in which each participant was able to play any song of their choosing(I chose minuet in G). I soon jumped on this opportunity so I could prove to Mr. Rosenberger that I could play much nicer pieces. When it was finally time for the recital I remembered that if I failed at playing the song here I would not be able to play the song to Mr. Rosenberger at our next meeting.

I don’t remember the exact experience of me playing but, I remember receiving a standing ovation soon after I played my last note. When I finally played my song to Mr. Rosenberger he was quite shocked I was able to play a song of that caliber but he was unhappy about my methods of playing. He commented on how my fingering was not correct and decided to have a “long talk” with my school piano teacher. In eighth grade, my parents made a deal that I would be able to quit piano upon my freshman year of high school and so I did.

I felt as if a great stress was lifted off of my shoulders, but at the same time, I felt as if I have left part of myself behind. At that time, I did not have any passion for playing and even moved on to new teachers for two years. Just before I decided to call it quits, I did return to Mr. Rosenberger for a couple of months before leaving. My piano career at Christopher Dock has been nonexistent until now. What made me reconsider was watching peers excel with their gifts in music and the arts.

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As I watched their musical talents, I saw that it helped them achieve great things that I became envious of. I though I had lost my gift of music and I felt left behind. When class piano started I was eager to play any piece. Once I was able to convince Mrs. Kuffman that I was able to play any song in the lesson book (only took one day), I realized something was passed down to me. Through the years of drilling, my fingers were able to memorize the spacing, notes and kept some of the former dexterity.

This was a gift that Mr. Rosenberger has given me, the gift of music. My fingers are not as limber as they used to be and theory may not be as strong. I have learned how to play from Mr. Rosenbueger. Mrs. Kuffman and Christopher Dock have given me the opportunity to play again. Never in my life have I been this enthusiastic to play the piano and now, I am completing songs almost as difficult as the songs I have played in the past in one fifth the time (or even faster).


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