My Personal Educational Philosophy

Philosophy which come the Greek words that means loving wisdom. The continuous search for wisdom and the hunger of my soul towards knowledge and its help in improving all aspects of my life is what constitutes my philosophy in education.

Everything that we pass, teach or learnt is series of information that are processed into thoughts and facts vital for acquiring knowledge. Thus, education must be a series of factual information that transcends into each and every people accordingly resulting into a change in the society into a holistic country.

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Base on the philosophies of education such at eastern philosophies, naturalism, idealism, realism, pragmatism, existentialism, essentialism and reconstructionism. I have come up that education must reach to each and every people whatever race, ethnicity, age and other determining factors. Access to quality education must be a priority not only of the state but also the fellow citizen in a developing country. Participation of the society in curriculum development, changes in the laws regarding education and funding of schools are some of the steps that are necessary in attaining a quality of education in our country.

A concrete and complete basic education for the primary level is essential for learners better understanding of what are the important things that must be learnt. Integration of teaching the truth and letting the learners understand the practical life must be taught in the intermediate level. Lastly, social problems and its possible solutions are necessary to be learnt by the collegiate level. In this setup, learners are taught of different philosophies but still adequate to their learning capabilities.

Thru their experiences in these kinds of educational frameworks, they are not only taught to be learned but also to become a valuable citizen and attaining it to become a holistic and changed society.