Personal statement  It has always amazed me how something as small as a pill has the capacity to change the functioning of an entire intricate being. Ever since I saw my grandparent’s medication as a child I was always curious about what the function and purpose of each pill was. This curiosity carried me into college however with an in intrinsic passion for both biology and chemistry, the skills I will be given, as a pharmacy student will intrinsic my clarity and understanding behind the chemistry of medicines and how they work.  I start looking into many courses involving the sciences, and evident that pharmacy suited me the most. The BTEC Science level 3 courses at West Thames College have been a challenging but good experience at the same period. All three of my subjects have included enchanting topics and contextual experiments. Two of the strongest ability that I have been qualified to project are my organization and communication ability which are very significant for Pharmacists. As an employee of Eailng boots pharmacy, I gained a friendly knowledge of practical pharmacy in a realist-globe position. Daily protector orbed with the head of the Pharmacy Department taught me requirement patient interaction judgment. I literate how to approach patients, which is a priceless reason that will always benefit my race as a pharmacist. My manufacture experience gave me an estimable insight to my degree area and confirmed that pharmacy is a degree that I will entirely enjoy. For the time of one week, I chose to do voluntary work at boots pharmacy Eailng. While there I have able the basics of how a sell pharmacy runs. The tasks I undertook were amongst the following, death date checks, as this is essential in a pharmacy while dealing with medication, organizing and inclining, which helps the customers to carelessly access the correct pharmaceutical for their indispensably. In addition to my Platonist studies, I have always enjoyed undertaking sports like football, which I usage to disport for a four. However, I was also running and weightlifting, which assign me to set goals I want to obtain and aid the development of my motivation and decision. I enjoy karate as it prevents me cope under high urgency and is a worthy physical instruction.  Overall, I consider myself to be a hardworking, creative student who is motivated by challenges and can gain personal benefit from new experiences, and I feel that a university degree in Politics will be a great foundation for a successful career in the future, in whatever field that may be 


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