Perfect Place to Relax

Perfect Place to Live Every year, most of people are looking forward to having a vacation or a holiday. The reason Is that they want to go to somewhere to escape the hectic life and relax. Some of them spend a large amount of money for excellent services in their trips. They stay in the most luxurious and up-scale rooms; they eat many expensive and luscious dishes. It will be a great thing if you have enough money for these. But for me, the perfect place to relax is my room. My conception Is : Nowhere is better than y house.

Up to now, I have owned this room for five years. It is designed and decorated in the way I like. The walls of the room are painted light blue which Is my favorite color. This kind of color makes the room not only cool but also spacious. The wall in front of my bed Is decorated by myself. In the middle of the wall, I put the biggest and the most beautiful photograph. A middle-aged man sits comfortably on the bench; his arm is draping around the shoulder of a woman next to hlm_ She bends her head on is broad shoulder, having a beam of satisfaction.

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Two little girls in lovely, pink dresses stand behind them. smiling happily- pretty smiles as like as the woman. Next to two girls are two young men. One in a smart suit has a square face. His light brown eyes look straight In a sensible way. The other seems younger than him, but he gives other people a friendly and warm look. They are very happy and satisfactory. This is my family photograph. Around this photo, I put some snaps that I took not only with my family but also with my friends.

These remind me of memorable and great moments with them who always give me lots of support; and they become my motivators which help my mind stronger to get over whichever difficulties. On the left corner of the room, there is a little bed which I love most. A big pillow, a warm blanket and a Teddy bear who Is my best friend lay straightly on the bed. All wraps are made of cotton fabric and decorated with many pictures of lots of cartoon’s characters I really adore, such as Kitty, Pooh, Mickey and so om My bed looks like a lovely picture.

Especially, each time when entering the room, I can always smell the fragrant perfume of bed sheet spreading out the space: light and comfortable. It Is also the most wonderful feeling when I put my back on a soft mattress after sitting a long time on the chair. The light smell and a comfortable bed give me an easily deep sleep. The right corner of the room Is for my studying and reading books. This Is a place where I have enjoyed many kinds of books. A desk and a chair with the suitable height help me have a right posture when I sit to learn.

The desk is bedecked with a vase of flowers and a lamp. Above the desk Is a large bookshelf with variety of books. Besides notebooks and textbooks, I am really passionate on the books for soul and comedies. So, all of my books are always put on the shelf carefully and neatly. Each kind of book is separated clearly by bookends, so that I can find out which book I want as quick as possible. am perfectly content when I sit back in my chair near the window, breath fresh air and enjoy a book I have bought. There is nothing as great as doing Ilke this. 1 sunflowers.

I choose sunflower to decorate my room because of not only its beauty but also it meaning. When growing up, they always try their best to turn to the place having sunlight although they have to face with many difficulties. This gives me a lesson that I should imitate them, always grow up, choose the right way for me and go ahead. Every morning, as usual at 5a. m, I get up, put the headphones on my ears, listen to some favorite songs, water these little flowers and enjoy the moment of sunrise. It seems that each flower is dancing with each drop of fresh water.

It becomes a little happiness, not so much but enough for me to start a new day smoothly. A perfect place to unwind is somewhere giving us the sense of relaxation and comfort. Although having a holiday in a nice hotel is really wonderful, it Just lasts in a short period. I think the best way to reduce our depress in life is making something around us become what makes us feel relaxed. As a result, we do not need to go anywhere to escape the stressful life, Just enjoy our lives in which we live. Like me, enjoy everyday with lovely things I have.