Pepsi today is a combination of multiple smaller

Pepsi Co was
originally Pepsi Cola and Frito Company until the companies merged in 1965.
Pepsi Cola was founded by Caleb Bradham who first studied to become a doctor. Due
to unfortunate life events Bradham discounted his medicine studies. The first
Pepsi drink created was made in 1893 was called “Brad’s Drink”. Caleb made the
drink in his pharmacy with a mixture of ingredients including sugar, water, and
multiple additives. This mixture was the beginning of the Pepsi Brand. Bradham
named is drink Pepsi Cola stemming from the word dyspepsia which means
indigestion. He believed this new drink would help consumers with and digestion
issues they would have. The Pepsi Cola company was finally trademarked on June
16, 1903.  The Frito Company was originally
founded by Elmer Doolin. He then joined into business with H.W. Lay in 1961 and
becoming what we know today as Frito-Lay. An interesting fact about Pepsi Co.’s
history is the fact that the Pepsi was created by a person who studied to become
a doctor. Another special fact is Pepsi Co today is a combination of multiple smaller
companies that have merged into one and become the world’s largest food and snack
company (How It All Started). Finally, another fact that stood out to me was Doolin
bought the Frito corn chip recipe from an already established store in California.
The financial auditor for Pepsi Co is KPMG (KPMG LLP).

      This corporation’s headquarters is located
in Purchase, New York. The corporation has six-global divisions where they
conduct business. These divisions include the following continents: North
America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Pepsi Co was founded in 1965
when previously established companies Frito-Lay and Pepsi Cola decided to merge
together.  Frito-Lay’s founder in 1932
was Elmer Doolin and in 1898 the founder of Pepsi Co was Caleb Bradham. The
current Chief Executive Officer of Pepsi Co is Indra k. Nooyi. She is also the
head chairman. Pepsi Co has 19,000 employees (Our History).

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The Company I
selected for this portfolio project is Pepsi Co.  Pepsi Co’s main products
are food and beverages.  This company has
teamed up with as many as 22 different brands such as Quaker, Frito Lays, and
Tropicana. Although PepsiCo mainly produces refreshments, they also participate
in maters detrimental to the environment and health of their consumers this is
called Pepsi Co’s Performance with Purpose.