Peer Review Sheet

Top of Form [pic] Bottom of Form Peer Review Worksheet Part of your responsibility as a student in this course is to provide quality feedback to your peers that will help them to improve their writing skills. This worksheet will assist you in providing that feedback. Please use it for each review that you perform throughout the course. Please copy and paste the completed Review into your reply to the post containing the assigned draft. Please do not post your Review as an attachment. Name of the draft’s author: Name of the Peer Reviewer: Reviewer After reading through the draft one time, write a 3-5 sentence summary of the paper that includes your assessment of how well the essay meets the assignment requirements: After a second, closer reading of the draft, answer each of the following questions.

Positive answers will give you specific elements of the draft to praise; negative answers will indicate areas in need of improvement and revision. Please be sure to indicate at least three positive aspects of the draft and at least three areas for improvement in reply to the questions at he bottom of this worksheet. Organization • Is there a thesis or clearly stated purpose? • Are there effective transitions? • Are the introduction and conclusion focused on the main point of the essay? • As a reader, can you easily follow the writer’s flow of ideas? • Is each paragraph focused on a single idea/topic? Development and Support • Is each point/idea clearly developed and explained? • Is the support/evidence for each point/idea persuasive and appropriate? Is the connection between the support/evidence and the main point/idea of the essay made clear? • Is all evidence appropriately cited? Style • Are the topic and tone of the essay appropriate for the audience? • Are the sentences and word choices varied? Grammar and Mechanics • Does the writer use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling? • Is the writing clear and comprehensible throughout the draft? ———————– Three things that I liked about your draft are: 1. 2. 3. Three things that could be improved are: 1. 2. 3.


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