Our beloved country and identity is Pakistan. The sacrifices and ideology of our ancestors is Pakistan. It was the dream of Allama Iqbal which was fulfilled by Quaid- e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Quaid-e-Azam along with other leaders fought for the cause of Muslims. All the Muslims suffered a lot and at last got a separate homeland for themselves. Pakistan was now an independent state, but was terribly disadvantaged. It faced many severe problems some of them were: 1 . India took over all the British institutions like military forces while Pakistan has to create new. . India insisted on taking the name “India” which gave it an automatic right to a seat on international bodies such as the UN Security Council. 3. Pakistan had a terrible refugee problem. Approximately 8 million people fled to Pakistan after the partition. Less area problem too! 4. Deaths of early leaders: Mr. Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan, there were no more inspirational leaders. 5. Kashmir was an open wound which kept high tension between India and Pakistan when what was needed was cooperation. 6.

It was Kashmir issue for which Pakistan had to spend more money on defense, oney which was desperately needed to build up the state. 7. There were huge areas of barren desert and high mountains, and only one third of the land was cultivated. 8. Pakistan had few industries or minerals: it only had 750 000 tones of coal against India’s 46 million tone of coal. 9. India also produced 8 million tones of iron ore while Pakistan had almost none. 10. East and West Pakistan were over 1600 kilometers apart and there was no communication network between them.

They had little in common except for their religion. This made governing them as one country xtremely difficult. 11. Pakistan was not a rich country. 12. There was widespread corruption and fraud as officials, politicians and others fought to make their private fortunes. 13. Pakistan gained a bad international reputation and was on the verge of bankruptcy. 14. Throughout the 1950’s there were political quarrels and constant changes in ministries, particularly in West Pakistan. It was not until, martial law was imposed that some form of stability was achieved.

These were the problems faced by new born Pakistan, but it’s a matter of hame that even after 66 years of independence Pakistan is standing at that point from where it started its Journey. It is still facing those problems which it faced initially and there are many more! 1) Pakistan still has no sincere leaders who can work for its cause. 2) Pakistan still has been not able to resolve the dispute of Kashmir – it is still an open and untreated wound. 3) Still Pakistan is a poor country. 4) Still corruption has its roots in Pakistan. 5) Pakistan is still a bad reputed country of the world. ) The people of Pakistan are still struggling and starving! ) Terrorism has become a basic element of Pakistan – target killing, suicide bomb blasts and specially “The Drones”. There are many others! Now this is a matter to ponder over that after such a long Journey we haven’t aata nahi dunya me koi fan tum ho Nahi Jis qaum ko parwah-e-nasheman tum ho At last I Just want to convey a message to all Pakistanis and to all the Muslims. Maybe it could lit the fire of Islam inside them. As per Allama Iqbal: Siwah Allah ke lye aag hai takbeer teri Tu musalman hai taqdir hai tadbeer teri


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