Rahimniya et al (1391), in his research says packaging in its
new role acts as the representative of manufacturer and through this position
it can be used as the carrier of advertising messages, purchase motivational
tool, and the carrier of company slogan. Yang (2004), states that proper
packaging helps to create distinctiveness for most of the companies. Companies
understand the needs of packaging and how a slight change in packaging results
in their profitability. Therefore, companies are now focusing on different aspects
of packaging and how it can help to reap high productivity and profitability.

Deng (2009), states that
customers will look for the packaging style of food products. The visual aspect
of labelling and packaging has an important role in the food purchase process because
it has a direct relation with customer and its effect on customer mind. As
Cahyorini and Rusfian (2011) states that packaging definitely have strong
impact on purchase decision. During the time of unplanned purchases, customers
are attracted by the color, labelling and totally the appearance of the
product. Rahimniya et al. (2012) in his study state that for purchasing food
products there is an impact of functional and visual aspects of packaging.
Aghazadeh et al (1390) and Deng (2009) in their study state that there is a
positive impact of packaging on customer purchase and it shows a direct
relationship between packaging and customer purchase. Khraim (2011), according
to his study packaging, brand loyalty and customer purchase intention these
three are related to each other. packaging has a significant impact on brand
loyalty which in turn have a positive effect on customers purchase intention. Kawa
et al. (2013) in his study also showed a significant  positive impact of packaging on customer’s product
purchase intention.


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Kotler and
Armstrong (2010), in their study gives an explanation about price as the money
that customers used to exchange in terms of service or product, or the value
they receive. Levy & Weitz (2012), states that Loyal customers are ready to
buy a product even if it cost high. Company always give more attention and care
to loyal customers and take necessary steps to retain them as they bring more
profit to the firm. Wickliffe & Pysarchik (2001) states that product
features (brand and price) will definitely have an inherent impact on customer behavior.

Hermann et al (2007) studies showed that price and
customer satisfaction are related. For purchasing a product price plays an
important part and it has a significant impact on the satisfaction level of the
customers. In another research, lee et al (2010) studied and identified the
consumer perception of price and its impact on purchase decision. Khraim (2011),
state that for a loyal customer price doesn’t matter and it effect on the
purchase decision of customers.

Cadogan and Foster (2000), according
to them, for an average customer price is an important factor and they are
concerned about that. For their favored brand, loyal customers are willing to
pay premium price and therefor there purchasing intention is not affected by
price. Keller (2013), state that before making actual purchase, customers make
a comparison and evaluate price with alternative brands because customers have
a strong faith or belief in the value and benefit they get from their favorite
brand. Comparing price with value and perceived cost is the best method to
build customer satisfaction. It is observed that consumers are willing to purchase
a product if the perceived values are greater than cost of the product. Long
–life duration of customers with a brand makes them more price tolerant and
they didn’t show any interest in making price comparison with the alternatives.

 It is through price; a company communicate its
value positioning of products or brands to the market. Sproles and Kendall (1986),
explained price consciousness as finding the best value of a product and
purchasing at a lowest price.



Advertising can be considered as a subset of marketing mix
that is 4p (price, place, product, and promotion). For promotion of a product,
one of the main strategies used is advertising. In order to make awareness of a
product in the mind of a potential customers, advertising is an important tool
and it influence the customer’s decision to buy a product. Abideen and Latif (2011)
states that, through advertising manufacturers create an emotional link with
customers and it will long last in the mind of the consumers.

If an
advertising is attractive, then customers pays more focus on that and thereby
creates a feeling towards the product and that leads to the way of brand
promotion. Those who have loyal feeling shows a positive attitude towards a
brand. Tang et al (2007), in his study found that positive response to certain
advertising or brand increases the positive evaluation. Bostan & Nabsyeh, (2012)
in their research on Malaysian consumers found that advertising is a powerful tool
which plays an important part to affect and inform consumer behavior. Abideen and
Latif (2011) in their study paper found that there is an impact of advertising
on consumer buying behavior.


The main attempt
of this study is to figured out the factors that affect the consumer’s
consumption of cosmetic products. Through this study, it was identified that
the five factors, product quality, price, brand name, packaging and advertising
have greater impact on customer purchase decision. Consumers go through the
rigorous thought process in making their buying decisions,

since there are
alternative products which compete in the areas close proximity, relatively
cheaper price, quality, etc. Brand, Quality and price are one among the strong
competing factors in the decision making process. When it comes to beauty products,
it is even more intense that all the five factors play a major role in consumer
buying decision. Manufacturers and retailers of beauty products must have this thought
at the back of their mind as they embark on the marketing of their products.


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