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The answers were very interesting, there were many different perspectives on identity itself. Some of them answered ‘there is no such a thing as identity.’ ‘it’s something that is created by the outer circumstance of our life’. ‘identity is personality’ ‘identity is social categories that is socially constructed’. ‘one’s Identity is a priority of one’s life, and he or she accomplish throughout their life.’ ‘identity is personality’ and ‘identity is something that artist should have.’ ‘describing something undesirable.’ ‘Identity is indescribable with words because I have part of myself that I don’t know and it’s impossible for someone to know one perfectly.’ ‘identity the is the chromosome because everything other thing was constructed by the society, the real identity that we were born with was our chromosome, everything else just lies with names.’ And the best answer that gave me an idea of identity was ‘ identity is something that divides myself from other people, but at the same time identity is the mutual aspect of a group that you are included in.

There were quite many people saying identity shouldn’t be describable. And there were people saying identity is my personality, individuality. But in a big category, the answers were divided into two, identity as a role in society, identity of types of people. For the identity of the type what I mean I see it refers to the labels that get to the person who shares or are thought to share some characteristic or characters, in much different value such as place of birth, gender, behavior, appearance, values, knowledge, attitude, beliefs, opinion and so on.

Another type of identity is the ‘role’ of identity, it refers to the label applied to people who are expected or obligated to perform some set of actions behaviours, routines or function in particular situation. For example the father, toy collector, president, businessman, professor, student, and so on. 

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