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There is no doubt that cryptids are a very interesting  theme. In fact, some people believe in cryptids and they think it was existent  in some time. On the other hand , many people think that cryptids are just fables and myths.The question : Can we believe in cryptid’s existence if we get some evidence ? is considered one of the most controversial issues .Some cryptids might be exist in some previous time or even in the current time ,and what makes me believe or not  in cryptid’s exist  is a real conclusive evidence.

Rob Morphy identified uninhabited creature called “Igopogo” , and he provided many evidence in his article ( Igopogo : The monster of lake Simcoe ) for the existence of this beast . One evidence is , that one of the eyewitness called Reverend L.B.Williams said that he saw the Igopogo and also described some specific features in it’s corpus .Another evidence stated by the author is , in 1983, a sonar reading showed a huge body in the lake , and they think it was a lake monster . Regardless that the measures of sonar might be not accurate in that time , some dimensions do not proof or deny any thing !  Moreover, a videotape provided to the cryptozoologist’s John Kirk III , made Kirk later change his opinion about the existence of Igopogo ,he believed that Igopogo might have been just a “seal “. As we have seen , there is no solid evidence for the existence of this creature , so how can we believe in that ? In contrast , William Laurence mentioned a realistic video as a proof of a “Tasmanian tiger” which assumed to be extinct , people can approach to this video easily in any time, it is diffuse in social media , not like the video that used as an evidence for the Igopogo as Rob Morphy  mentioned in his article  it is “infamously difficult to find “.However, they figured out that the video showed a fox not a Tasmanian tiger.It was decided to be a fox not a Tasmanian tiger  based on the results of the DNA test .

To sum up , a lot of us might believe in some creatures without any conclusive evidence , it can just be from an internal faith or even from stories we heard it from our parents before sleep .Many cryptozoologies , cryptobiologists , and researchers around  the world ,may spend their entire life and spend big sums of their own money , and even expulsion from their career, just to reach to the truth and to find some new creatures that we never knew about it . So at least believe in it in your self, but do not publish rumors, because someone in one day will waste his time try to proof or deny it .

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