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Other applications include point-of-sale systems such as vending
machines. For example when a customer approaches a beacon-enabled
vending machine, the customer’s smartphone activates a payment app
or website to suggest favorite items or a menu of available options.

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Beacons also enable more secure payments. In the vending machine
example, the customer’s smartphone app can recognize the
beacon-tagged machine to allow the customer to pay for their
selection using the cellular network. The cellular wireless
connection is more secure than a local one, and they never have to
remove their wallet!

This same use case is emerging at fast-food drive-throughs. When the
driver approaches the beacon-enabled drive-through equipment, their
smartphone detects the beacon and activates customized offers. The
same application can also optimize inventory management based on
customer usage.

Commercial beaconing applications are also gaining momentum. As
mentioned above, beacons can track and help manage important assets
like expensive power tools. A beacon-enabled tool allows it to “check
in” to a monitoring node to determine when it is in a tool bin, on
the shop floor, or not in range. The same beacon application can
monitor and report tool status such as charge level, operating time,
and performance. This has obvious implications to the lifetime and
security of the tool as well as its optimized utilization.

Additional beaconing applications provide indoor navigation and
relevant localized content in large buildings such as hospitals,
shopping malls, or museums