Over two and a half million civilians were evacuated for their safety during The Second World War (The Evacuation). Children were being evacuated, and families were separated because of the violence in the war. The fighting began in 1939, and it lasted until 1945. The two sides in the conflict were the Axis powers with Germany, Italy, and Japan and the Allied forces with Britain, China, the Soviet Union, and the United States. World War II affected not only soldiers, but also the commoners. The war increased women’s work, caused children to evacuate, and affected British soldiers’ families.Firstly, women in Britain took over jobs that men had before they joined the army. When the men joined the British Army, women stayed at home and were confronted with many obstacles. They had to work in factories. Women were a large factor in the production of clothes, materials, and other necessities for the army. In fact, one source states,”about 7 million women were employed in the war effort” (What). Women worked in factories in Britain, but many women also joined the Land Army (Why). In the Land Army, they cooked, farmed, and did other jobs while the men fought (Why). Women helped supply things for the army that allowed Britain to be successful in battle. Women took on hard situations to work in factories and even served in the army. While women were affected during the war, children were also greatly affected by the war. Because of the threat of bombing raids, many children were evacuated during World War II. British families did not want their children to be effaced by the Axis, so they evacuated them. Families were torn apart because of the decision to evacuate children to protect them from bombing raids. One article stated,”Faced with enormous upheaval and prolonged separation from loved ones, the initial separation was devastating and heart-rending for both mothers and children as whole families were dislocated and uprooted. However, the fear of bombing attacks meant that most parents considered evacuation for the best, as children would be safer away from the city” (The Evacuation). Three days before the war started, a huge evacuation was completed. Over a couple of days over 1.5 million people were evacuated (When). Children were put into homes where they knew nobody. Families were separated and many children never met back up with their families. Kids lives were drastically affected when they were evacuated into a new country. Many children were affected for their entire life because they had to be evacuated during the war. While children and women were greatly affected, British soldiers and their families were also greatly affected.When soldiers from Britain went to war, their families were forced to live every day wondering if their loved ones would ever return. In Great Britain, about 382,700 soldiers were killed throughout the war (World). While soldiers had to have tremendous bravery, their parents and family had to have tremendous faith and bravery to believe their loved ones would return. One lady named Lilia Goncharova said,”World War II had a devastating effect on my family. As a result of this war, I don’t have many relatives left. Five members of my family died during the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union” (Euronews). Lilia and many others like her, suffered greatly, even though they did not participate in the war. Some people believe that soldiers were the only people that were affected by World War II. While soldiers were affected by injuries, war memories, and death, soldiers families were affected by the loss of their loved ones. Every time a British soldier was killed or injured, someone related to them was grieved. World War II was a life-changing war for many.Throughout the duration of World War II, many people were affected, including women, children, and many British families.World War II will be long remembered as one of the most tragic wars ever fought in world history. Families were affected for the rest of their life by the loss of loved ones. Families were divided when they were evacuated. Soldiers lives were changed from injuries acquired during the war. While World War II will always be a horrible memory for many, heroism, bravery, and love were displayed by many throughout the war. Many sacrificed themselves to save others. Soldiers and civilians inspired people by their heroism in dark times. General George S. Patton said,”The real hero is the man who fights even though he is scared” (Scared). Soldiers fought until the end and they never capitulated. The war brought out the bravery in people of all types. While World War II badly affected many, the heroism of soldiers and civilians have inspired others to do the same in their lives.


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