Over the
last three years the Russian outbound tourism has decreased almost twice in comparison with the dramatical fell that
Russians sustained since of terrorist attacks, political dust-ups and a
collapsing of rubble. Compared to many Western
Countries the e-market travel industry in Russia is still developing, during
the last year alone the Russian online travel marketing increased by 37% with
all segments demonstrating growth (Russian search marketing) while a large number of Russians prefer travelling in organized groups, accustomed to book travel package through a tourist agency which is
cheaper and includes everything like visa restriction. This option is especially
admired by families with kids. Nerveless, as internet
use continues to grow, Russians become more well-known and cosy with individual
online booking. Russians
used to buy most packages 2-3 weeks in advance. The most effective ways of advertising towards
the Russian consumer is through travel agencies, online social media, the
word-of-mouth, television and magazines. The main Russians holidays are the first two weeks of January,
celebrating the New and “Past” year eve, a favourite period craving heat during
the cold winter. Spring holidays from 1st to 9th of May
(labour and victory day) and the long summer holidays with August traditionally
the most popular time. When choosing a travel destination, Russians looking for
a holiday place with the following characteristic: the climate, price level,
safety of destination and historical and cultural attractions. Furthermore,
Russians have a tendency to head for destinations famous for shopping, such a
Dubai, Italy and Paris. According travelata the top destination for 2017 was
Turkey- after a year of Russian ban-. Turkey is popular because of cheap tours that are “all inclusive”,
making a vacation in exotic place with low prices. The second most popular is
Greece. Following Greece are Cyprus, Tunis and Bulgaria. In the Russian culture
family is an important factor and affects in decision making.

Greeks on the other side are typically
independent travelers who enjoys organizing their own trips abroad, they used
to travel as couples or with friends and less with family and kids. Since 2009 Greece facing
Financial crisis which affect in economic boom and tourism, in consequence of
reduce travel abroad. Greek people become very price sensitive and thus they are
searching low-cost flights and better offers. In the early phase of global
internet growth travel agencies in Greece lost their power, as Greeks choose
travel agencies package in certain cases like group traveling, long distance
holiday which needs visa restrictions and for a few days escapade. Outbound traveler’s
numbers increased over the past 11 years, with approximately 7.2 million people
travelling from Greece to international destinations in 2016(statista). The main motivators for Greek traveller are holidays, business trips and
visiting friends and relatives. Greek traveller search information’s for
destinations mainly from online network, travel sites like tripadvisor and
through travel agencies.


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