the course of a century the countries have concluded alliances and create all
possible ways to conduct business between each other. So there were opened such
industries as immigration and trade. Trade and immigration
are progressive relations in the economic world.

The commercial relations between Canada
and Ukraine started in 1991, including memorandums and agreements, which they
signed. Canada was the first western country that recognizes Ukraine’s
independent. The economic relations between Canada and Ukraine have a
positive impact on mutual immigration and trade relations.


To begin with, successful immigration
from Ukraine has a positive effect in Canada. Most people who emigrate from
Ukraine were successfully recommended yourself on workplaces in Canadian
community.  Ukrainians are the ninth
largest ethnic group in Canada and the number of immigrants from the Ukraine is
increasing yearly. For example, the number of Ukrainian immigrants to Canada
grew from 51,610 to 65,455 between 2001 and 2011 (“Ukrainians immigrants to
Canada”, n.d.).  At the same time,
Ukrainians take an
active part in the life of the country. They have own festival, which called
“Ukrainian Fest”, it is held annually in Toronto. Ukrainian
immigrants have made a significant contribution to the Canadian economy. According
to Pivnenko (2003) Ukrainian immigrants have a better earning potential than
immigrants with a similar degree from other countries. ???







In the second place, Canada is actively
increasing trade relations with Ukraine.

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Relations between Ukraine and Canada
have improved since the Ukrainian presidential election in 2014.  As result, Canada and Ukraine made a “Free
Trade Agreement” in 2016.


Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement represents a significant milestone in the
relationship between Canada and Ukraine. It will bolster our economies, spur
innovation, and lead to long term benefits for the middle class and those
working hard to join it.”  Rt.Hon. Justin
Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada (2016) 

Free trade relations between Canada and
Ukraine include many industries such as the agriculture industry and
infrastructure. At the same time, Canada’s market is becoming a new hub for
investors from Ukraine. In effect, Canadian is currently investing more than 568
million dollars in the Ukraine (EDC. n.d.)








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