Over my family to come over for xmas

Over my winter I did a lot when I came home from school i did my homework and just relaxed  The next day we had to get ready for my family to come over for xmas dinner like always we played  with my cousins and had a dance party in my brothers new bedroom  then my grandma gave us our gift same thing as always pj then we went up to the loft and read the night before christmas we do this every year  then polar express and then they all left by 8:00 we help do the dishes then I wrapped what gifts I had not done. I woke up to an alarm set to 7:00 by my brother and the scream of its christmas we all told him  7:30 ok and then we went back to bed I woke up at 7:20 and I did not fall back to sleep so I watched you tube   we got up opened stockings then santa gifts then we have breakfast eggs benedict then family gifts I got beats which are really good headphones  I got a hammock for the basint that me and my brother are re doing we got a tv to. We went to my nana’s to see my uncle and grandpa for xmas we did gifts I and my both  each got ipads we had dinner then left then next day we went to my other grandma and grandpa to do dinner and giftes with my cousins we got magic tickets to niagara we were at the house all the next day  then we went to the cottage we have a really long driveway so we got stuck at the end it was -30 so we were all in 10 layers of clothing we spent 2 hours unloading we all where in the cottage by 5 so we had a fire going trying to warm the place up me and hayden play a game on the ipad together then my dad sat down by the fire to do something I will never forget he sat down then I went over with my blanket and put it down then put our feet up by the fire soon we all had shepherds pie on our hands all by the fire talking and having fun we then played a fun board game that we got for xmas we got up at 10 and had breakfast we went for a hick but spent most of the day in side but next day was the best we are going home that night we went for a hike to the same then snow shoes on the lake then I went to try my hatchet in the woods I had been drinking apple juice and left it in the snow so what my brother did was make it look like he peed on the new deck then dad yelled at him as a prank on me to make him think that he did do it then I came over and he said how much and I will eat it so I said ten bucks not knowing it was apple juice so he did and I fell to my knees and dad said me to and ate it and pretended to gag to make it real then mom did it… we pack up the car and then mom let me in on the secret I laugh so hard I then took it on myself to get them back I got peach juice and made it look like pee then on our way out I said guys I can’t be the only one the ate the peach snow they yelled EWAN IT WAS APPLE JUICE  then my dad ran to the woodshed hayden dropped at the rugs and my mom was dying of laughter. It was new years eve the next day so we cleaned the house our friends came at 4:00 we meet up with the rest at the escape room we did that into teams we came back and partied after the conte down me and my friends went to play call of duty they both have moder warfarin so I was the best there so I kick their butts then went to bed at 3:00 then we woke up at 10:00 and went to see Star Wars the last jedi again. By the time we got back I was so tired I just watch tv then at night I was so tired and when we were watching a movie I fell asleep on my dad who was sleeping on the bed so when we did go to bed I was not tired so I read for like an hour. When I got up me and mom left for the mall at like 11:00 we went to get snow pants for skiing because I lost mine at school I just got a sweater so after 5 hours we went back the next day Hayden had a playdate with a friend and I went because they invited use all to skate they have a rink I there back yard because they all play hockey they have fake ice in their basement and they had all these cameras and what not so that was soooo cool to. My friend l Lauren came over who is 16 to look over use we played board games and watched moves when we got up the next day we had to go with mom to work and wait for my grandma and grandpa to pick us up to go to niagra to see a magic show we saw the falls but it was so cold that we could not stay out long we had lunch and read a bit of  Auggie and me we went to the show we were in the front row we figured out most tricks the next day we went to the Marley’s game they won 1 to 6 there were 6 fights it was so cool then on the last day we went out to breakfast and meet one of my coach’s for swimming then my dad and Hayden went to a hockey game that he won in school me and mom went skating at  another neighbours and I played hockey and I am not bad for never doing a class or anything and then school My goals  for school are to get better at my writing and stuff in COPS in math to understand it better and learn it faster I want to get good grades and study more and try harder to get homework done or back faster I would like to get better at my trumpet but that comes last I want to get faster at math. I want to keep my desk clean from now on and I want to work on habitat 1, 5, 6, habit 1 because I have to know what to do by myself and do what I need and to help myself habit 5 for if I don’t understand to go ask and not stress over it and if I don’t understand ask habit 6 for the fact I want to work more with my groups and talk more instead of you do this I do this kinda thing