Over the past several decades it
was only the states modifying the contents of the investment treaties1.
But after Lisbon Treaty, the EU and it institutions asserted their powers in EU
Governments and members of Parliament3
(both European and national ones) as well as the European Commission are the
new additional actors, who shape the future EU investment policy on the basis
of other factors than was the case in the past4.
These institutions like the Council stressed “the need for an effective ISDS
settlement mechanism in the EU IIAs5.”
The EU institutions involved in the formulation of the EU’s investment policy
have clearly indicated that EU investment agreements must provide an effective
ISDS system6. The
Commission has expressed the view that the absence of provision for investment
arbitration – the latter being such an established feature of investment
agreements would discourage investors and lower the attractiveness of an
economy as an investment destination7.
However not all institutions are in favor of the current development, especially
a European’s Parliaments opposition to the establishment8
of ISDS that may infringe the right to regulate and circumvent ordinary courts
in this way posing significant risks and can be dispensed with9″.
But these may not be the only problem wih ISDS. EU law and investment law may
be two separate worlds and that it is going to be very difficult to bridge the
gap between those worlds unless both worlds introduce some more flexibility in
their perspectives10.

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3 European Parliament resolution
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