Central Theme: Within the two great American novels “Their Eyes Were Watching God” and “The Great Gatsby,” multiple characters suffer feelings of isolation despite their roles as active members of a community. Main Point 1 Analysis of the communities as a whole, using textual evidence; mint-comparison between Their Eyes and Gatsby.

Main Point 2 Individual characters within these novels, including but not limited to the main characters Jay Gatsby and Janie Crawford, play important parts in the societies surrounding them.Despite their social interactions, within the stories these haracters remain emotionally independent, containing themselves within their own world and minds. General analysis of societys dual sides.

Main Point 3 Focus on “The Great Gatsby,” Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, primarily, using textual evidence. (Gatsby “party’ quote, Gatsby “outside and in” quote, Gatsby “only friend”) Main Point 4 Comparison of major characters in Gatsby to Janie: Daisy versus Janie, Gatsby versus Tea Cake, Nick versus Starks Main Point 5 Minor characters play major supporting roles in these themes; Pheoby, Grandmother,Ms. Turner Nick, Myrtle, Jordan Baker. Nick is lonely, Grandmother suffered (think of Leafy, Janie’s mother), Ms. Turner sought approval from a society she could never fully belong to and rejected the one that she should have felt accepted within, Myrtle was shallow and selfish and greedy (her husband, lonely but unaware of her infidelity) Tully Delong to ana rejec ea t tne one tnat sne snoul a nave Telt accepte WI n, Myrtle Mlnor cnaracters play major supporting roles In tnese tnemes; pneoDy, Granamotner, Maln Polnt 4