Organizational values

Organizational values are intangible assets such as collaboration, integrity, diversity, respect, quality and reliability. Each organizational value has a particular significance in its functioning adding to the benefit of corporate behavior and business ethics. Most of the organizations set a pre-determined organizational values for attainment of its objectives which have to be adhered and practiced by all the organizational employees.Evaluation methods are effective for developing an efficient team among organizations. First method of evaluation is to use a develop an evaluation form. The form focuses on prime most job performance areas viz.

, skills, quality of work, quantity of work, attitude etc. , Second method is to identify performance measures which is considered as very powerful as each particular mission and goals are assessed with the consecutive execution of tasks of an employee.In other words, expected work and executed quality of work are the standard performance measure in this method. The third evaluation method is to set guidelines for feedback. Instructing with good understanding about the weaknesses or lacunae areas or deficiencies of an employee would further upgrades the energy flow of an employee and brings an enthusiasm to produce productive work.Conclusion Human resource management covers performance management and evaluation methods in an organization.

 Decision making process is based on the choice of evaluation method that is adapted and practiced within an organization, as each method has a unique identity in producing performance evaluation report of an individual in an organization. Conclusively, it is important for an organization to train and maintain a productive oriented group of employees to keep the trail of efficiency on move without giving a halt.