Organizational effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness, measuring goals, performing evaluations are some of the most analytical tools of probation officer’s effectiveness. There are methods for measuring effectiveness, variables analysis for criminal justice. Probation officer holds a key position in recommending to courts about key findings about rehabilitation and compliances. Overall, the job of probation officer is quite difficult to deal with unless highly trained and experienced. Evaluation

In this particular case, probation officer has to make a collective effort in keeping relation with other staff members with the view of organizational effectiveness. Just after a week’s appointment of new probation officer, a meeting was called with a plan of “comprehensive evaluation” which lead ultimately lead to the resignation of chief probation officer. A special series about probation department, were published by local news paper in three part series wherein part I stated that 60 per cent of probation officers were arrested on the ground of being felonious.

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Part II stated that all probation officers have a get together for coffee time. Part III stated that social services agencies were of the opinion that probation officers were not conducting any rehabilitation services. A careful analysis of the above, reveals the improper activities of probation officers, on the pretext of believing to be true, when found to be false, it once again indicates that probation officers are working under limitation ground and no where to find fault with.

The chief reacted heavily with the above newspaper series and even went to punish almost every one which is why staff members were all interested in forming a union to bring down chief. The proposed evaluation has a collective participation of all officers which indicates that a hard effort is being made to cut recidivism and how best evaluation and training can be offered to new probation officers. This discussion indicates good team spirit, collective decision making for doing good and discussions that assist in implementation of action plan.

Theories of new evaluation format Some theoretical perspective must underlie any discussion of effectiveness” (Hannan and Freeman 1977) The achievement of organizational goals especially in criminal justice is the most difficult task as apart from pursuance of goals, maintaining law and order, reducing crime, satisfying employees are some of the difficult jobs of probation officers. The other part of criminal justice has checking crime rates, conviction rates, recidivism as a goal model. “The goal model is the most common theoretical perspective on effectiveness, it is both simple and complex” ( Hall 1982:278).

Team efforts in criminal justice always prove fruitful as the strengths are enlarged and plans are activated by better means. In this particular case, evaluation under proposal had certain organizational theories such as understanding, group discussion, participation and positive attitude about new entrants. Measures on new evaluation All the officers were of the opinion that an interaction with social service agencies must be made, to cut down false promises, efforts for dealing with clients in rendering rehabilitation services, a good survey of job satisfaction and an overall improvement of the place of work in all aspects.

Apart from this, training of new officers, dealings with clients and strong motivation to produce results in work area. Variable analysis is another key factor in assessing criminal justice as “studies using crime rates as measures of police effectivenss may examine the relationship between that dependent variable and independent variables such as police expenditures, numbers of personnel, or intensity of investigation (Wycoff, 1982)

Conclusion Probation officer view of effectiveness requires a collective effort apart from individual capabilities and strengths although it is a hard job, keeping a track courts, clients, job and public order is a very difficult task to execute at a time, whereas a step-by-step process and model of goal achievement can be made with the practice of organizational theories and goal models only and not by any other means.