All the aspects of life can be static, but change is constant. Although it is said that change is as good as rest, it is not hence understandable why people fear change. Change is upsetting and can be a source of de-motivation (F. John R, 2007). But it is still one of the key and major processes each and every organization has to undergo at one moment of its life. Management of change requires key strategies that will embrace a sense of understanding. Our organization has reached that inevitable moment, and change has to take place in line with the corporate restructuring taking place.

There is a need to change our management style in the bid to increase employees’ productivity and efficiency. It is understandable that these changes when introduced will be met with a lot of resistance, which might seem unreasonable. This change is bound to have a lot of impact on how the employees relate with each other, how they relate with the management and the general perception of their duties and responsibilities in the organization (Sparks, 1993). Resistance hence is unavoidable both at the employee and the management level.

This resistance is often intense depending on the severity of the changes and their impact on the employees. Background information The Custom Food and Feed Corporation (CF&F) has in the recent past been faced with damaging allegations of malpractices and non-compliance with the various rules and regulations governing the industry as well as the labor laws aimed at ensuring equal employment opportunities to all persons. The newly appointment CEO is seeking for ways to change this.

The Tech division has been selected as a basis to analyze the expected employees response and resistance to the introduced changes. The management over the past years has been using the authoritative leadership style and has engaged in unethical practices in their hiring and firing of the employees. This survey will look at the analysis of the management resistance to the introduced changes as well as the specific changes they are opposing. Findings The first issue that will draw resistance is the effort to introduce both participative and delegative sense of leadership in the company’s management.

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Authoritative management has characterized the past years where the managers have been making all the decision and lording it over the employees under them with no regard to their views and experiences. The employee’s participation in decision making even in the key issues that affect them have been negligible. The new changes introduced seek to address this and introduce a sense of employee engagement, which the management believes would be a key to accountability, innovativeness and increased productivity.

Resistance to these changes emanates from the tactical managers who do not want to relinquish their authority and decision making powers, and would wish to maintain the status quo and continue with the prevailing culture. Irregularities have been noted in the way hiring, firing and promotions of staff are made. The management wishes to introduce a system that will see this process done systematically with regard to issues such as qualification, experience and the due efficiency and productivity exhibited by a particular employee. This will bring to an end the arbitrary promotions and other irregularities in the human resource department.

The managers’ opposition to these changes is understandable but un-condonable. They would wish to continue perpetrating the culture of nepotism that has continued to reign over time in this division. They are afraid of applying mediocrity in recruitments and promotions lest the ambitious employees overtake them. Unionization of employees is important to both the management and the staff. It presents an appropriate forum and framework for negotiations, arbitrations and consultations. It also seeks to address major failings in the staff and management. The tactical managers are opposed to this.

They know they are the major culprits in the organizations problems and once the workers are unionized, it will present a stiff opposition to their misdeeds and shortcomings. Recommendations In line with these structural changes in the organization and the above findings, the following recommendations should be taken into consideration to streamline operations in the human resource department. Proper mechanisms and systems should be established to deal with issue of proportions and correct the anomalies and irregularities present in the recruitment and promotions.

These changes should be geared towards ensuring merit is the sole basis of career vertical advancements. Employees should be encouraged to form a workers union to champion for their rights as well as address their worries in the organization. A participative culture should be introduced in the management system to encourage the workers and create a sense of ownership. This will be highly motivating and will consequently increase their productivity. Errant tactical and operation managers should be shown the door, together with the incompliant staffs. This however should be after they have been taken through training.


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