Operation JUST CAUSE was a National Command Authorities-directed intervention into the Republic of Panama, and a whole success for the AC-130H Spectre. The sixteenth SOS spearheaded the whole operation on twenty Dec 1989, with seven craft at the same time offensive the Panamanian Defense Forces (PDF) targets throughout the country. Distribution of those targets was essential to the success of the United States service by neutralizing PDF resistance and by making confusion. All seven craft, 2 out of Howard AFB, and 5 out of Hurlburt Field, were overhead their targets on time. This was no straightforward task in itself since it needed flying 2 formations. One, an 8-hour, 5-ship formation out of the CONUS had to fly through extraordinarily atmospheric condition creating eachthe gun tweaks and also the 2 heavyweight air refuelings terribly difficult. Noteworthy is that the indisputable fact that the squadron wasn’t tasked to keep up qualification in formation flying, and neither flight had a lot of formation observe — a sworn statement to pilot talent and crew dedication. 2 gunships targeted the PDF headquarters, La Comandancia, the highest-valued target within the invasion. mistreatment surgical exactitude and t~ng the endurance of the gunners, the crews, in but 2 orbits, reduced the construction to burning junk, and at identical time took out many barracks and antiaircraft artillery guns. There was just about no fatal accident to the civilian buildings and houses close La Comandancia. Besides La Comandancia, The AC-130H Spectre serviced the key targets in minimum time as a prelude to ground force assault or airdrops at Torrijos/Tocumen flying field, Rio Hato air station, the Rio Pacora Bridge, and Colon. All crews exhibited valiancy and dedication by playing fantastically in spite of the expectation of encountering aortic aneurysm. Four crews did encounter some aortic aneurysm that was quickly place out of commission, as were varied armored vehicles. Targets were typically as shut as 10 meters from friendly positions, however fatal accidentwas bottom. On the primary night, crews flew a mean of fifteen punishing hours with a minimum of 3 air refuelings. once covering the initial objectives, gunships were amused to different areas as well as the United States embassy to produce hearth support, police work, and intelligence activity. That evening, Spectre even assisted within thestarting of the chase down of information Noriega, Panama’s unauthorized President. Before information Noriega wanted refuge within the diplomatist, aircrews flew varied missions as a part of the in depth hunting for him. Often, many crews were at the same time concerned within the search to follow-up on suspected hide-outs. The in depthaerial coverage provided by these gunships directly resulted in Noriega’s inability to flee from Panama. once Noriega entered the diplomatist, the gunship modified from hunting to overhead security, providing 24-hour coverage to stopPDF members any likelihood to rescue their expel leader. These crews were instrumental within the surrender of PDF troops at the Penonome jail and David garrisons. The presence of the AC-I30H overhead at Penonome prevented any risk of the larger PDF force from ambushing the a lot of smaller United States ground force sent there to simply accept their surrender. By twenty seven Dec 1989, Spectre crews had flown 355 combat hours. AC-I30H Spectre gunship participation operating simply CAUSE is best summarized by the Commander of the seventh Ranger Regiment within the following quote: “The devastating hearth delivered by the AC- 130s of the sixteenth SOS beforethe mobile assaults at Rio Hato and Torrijos/Tocumen assisted the bottom forces in quickly overcoming resistance at each objectives. while not your support, friendly casualties would are a lot of higher.”


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