One of the most important concepts iseducation which guides our future.

It consists of many parts.Many countries arepreparing different policies for education system,so it leads bright futuresfor governments. Credit is created for students every year. Countries take careof education, because they know that it is long process to develop theircountries.Education requires patience.When governments show patience about it,theirstatus is rising.For a good education,there should be creative teachers and students.

Educationrequires trainers and listeners.It is complicated ,but important process.Tripathi,S(2017):educationis crucial for the future.It has positive effects to our life.Educationpromotes national interest,and it makes us conscious.He thinks that an educatedman has the passion to find out everyhing.Education provides the knowledge,which we need to discover the world.

On the other hand,he believes thateducation is backbone for developing countries.Developing countries should beaware of the education concept.When we continue talk about importance of it,Çelikten, ?anal, and Yeni (2005):found that the purpose of education system israising qualified people ,and make people conscious about theircitizenships.Also,they think that governments should regulate the systemaccording to human profile.They should specify people’s skills.On the otherhand education is not a new thing.We don’t use this concept only for our era.Itcomes from prehistoric times actually.

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For example, even teaching how to chop stoneis education at the stone age.It can be used everywhere.When we looktoday,there are some debates about education system.People are discussing theplace where we get education.Since we are at the technological era,this iscreating a debate.Distance learning is simply online education.On the otherhand, traditional education is which is been schools,mainly comes from oldtimes.The question is which one is more beneficial for students.

For me,Ibelieve that the education system should be traditional.     Distance learning is unacceptable sincetraditional education enhances the social skills.Social  skills are very important for our past andfuture.Education takes role in the public and at the school.

Traditional educationconcept provides a better life chances for the students.Firstly,the studentneeds to social skills.According to Alison Doyle(2017):there are  social skills such asemphaty,listening.Emphaty is very crucial concept to interact with others,butfor emphaty you should understand what they are feeling.At traditionaleducation, you have real friends and teacher not virtual ones.

Since you areface to face,you can interact with everybody more easily.On the other hand,social skills are important for your career.If you have good social skills,you areahead of others .Also,Walker,Colvin,and Ramsey(1995): found that instructorsare solving the antisocial student problem with best tests.They assessed thechildren at school.Tests show that antisocial concept problem can be solvedwith social skills training .

When you are at the school,you can live a sociallife.School improves you in different areas.Social skills help develop yourabilities quickly.Traditional education helps your career.The duty of school israising you as social.On the other hand,Tyrrell,M.

(n.d) :says that deficiencyof social skills can make life boring.It gives ability of being calm andlistening to efficiently.Traditional education is totally real,and it has manyparts in social skills such as cooperation skills,communication skills,andlistening skills.     Cooperation skill is very important fortraditional education.

According to Merriam-Webster(n.d):cooperation means thatmarking by a willingness and ability to work with others.When you are at theschool,you are with your friends and your teachers.

Cooperative skills gain newtalents.It focuses the future.While you are learning the skill ofcooperative,you should be at the school.

Traditional education system providestests and proofs vividly.Johnson,Johnson,and Holubec (1994): “Children are notborn knowing instinctively how to interact effectively with others.” Peopleneed to learn the cooperation skills in the classroom.Every student need tobecome successful providing leadership,and managing conflict.So,teachingcooperative skills are crucial to become more effective in learning skills.Onthe other hand,Mclntyre,T.(n.d) implementing the cooperative learning requiresmany things.

Some of them are face-to-face interaction and provision of grouprewards by the teacher.The point is that if you want to have good cooperativeskills,you should use traditional school concept.Distance learning can’tcontrol you.You have friends at school,so you can share your opinions.Theteacher will examine you everytime while you are learning skills.When you makemistake, he will edit your mistake.

Cooperative skills make you successful,butto be successful you should get traditional education.It makes youunique.Cooperation skills have been in social skills,and it is very important .

     Some people say learning to social skillcan be descructive since it creates competitive enviroment in traditionaleducation .They think social skills and competitive area are disrupting therelationship between students.They have a right when we think the concept of greed.However,greedand passion are concepts which aren’t always considered  bad things.There should be a competitionbetween students,and traditional education system provides it.

Frumkin,Sosa(2015):found that competitive environment raises social impactleaders.Theoretically,competition shows us weaknesses and opportunities forus.Also,  competitive environmentprovides a strong background.

When you get distance learning,you can’t competewith anybody.This can discourage people to do something.Competition and socialskills aims to improve student’s abilities.Traditional education can providethem easily with the school athmosphere.

According to Dr.TomVerhoeff(1997):education is intimately related to competition.He says studentshave an ambigious behaviour towards competition.This often results in a goodway.Students learn to trying to do something in traditional education.

Competitions bring rewards, but in distance learning you can’t get rewardsvividly.Traditional education system doesn’t disturb the relationship.When weare at the school,we can be more social.

Students can solve their problems bytalking.Since they are not far to each other,they can live in peace easily.     Distance learning is not convenient forthinking skills.In traditional education,you have more advantages to thinkingskills.Elliot,Smith,and Kulman(2016):Thinking skills are mental and cognitiveprocesses that to think efficiently.

Some of them are planning,organization,andtime management.They say “Basically, thinkingskills are what we use in our heads to problem-solve, reason, infer andhypothesize.” Traditional education system cares about thinking skills.

Teachertakes important role for them.When you are face-to-face with your teacher,youcan learn the subject quickly.On the other hand,Costa,A.L.(1985):He categorizedthinking skills in his book.

He says that the important thing is create schoolconditions for thinking.When we have the school concept,we can teach the skillsplanned.The traditional education system has a regular program.It is not randomthing.While you are learning thinking skills, also you can make experiments onthem.

School concept gives proofs to you.Besides, school creates thinkingstudents.On the other hand,Teachers can get feedback simultaneously atschool,but it doesn’t work when you get distance learning.The traditionaleducation has more benefits to thinking skills.It improves your mentalabilities.It has many parts such as critical,problem solving,and creative thinking.

Theyare all about the concept of thinking skill.      The traditionaleducation system enhances your critical thinking skills more than distancelearning education.Angali and Valanides (2009):Critical thinking skills aresimply cautious thought process.During the process,you use your skill to thinkan event.In conclusion,you decide about what you believe or what was yourdecision.The traditional education system gives cources ,andthey put as a class the critical thinking skills.

Face-to-face also gives advantageto it.Pithers and Soden(2010): “Good thinking’ and ‘thinking well’ are commonlyused terms bound up with what is called ‘critical thinking’ in the researchliterature”.If you want to learn critical thinking skills very well,traditionaleducation makes you ready for that skills.On the other hand,students can helpeach other while they are learning skills.You are not alone in the class,andyou can discuss the critical thinking skills with your classmates.In distancelearning you are single,and you can’t discuss vividly.

?mplemeting the criticalthinking skills requires some experiments.Schools can provide everyhing forthinking. The main point is the teachers and their knowledge.

If the studentdoesn’t contact with the instructor, he or she can lose concentration.Also,distancelearning is harmful to focus on something.Students need a class to focus on thecritical thinking skills.       The traditional education system makes youcreative,and it enhances your creative thinking skills.Schools have lessonssuch as math,music,and art.Governments want to raise creative     students,so they regulate the creativethinking skills according to human profile.Provenzano, N.(2015):he is middleschool technology coordinator.

He thinks that traditional education is intimatelyrelated to creative thinking skills.There are several tests which are done onstudents.Their names are Open-Ended projects,Genius Hour/20 time,and CreativeTeam Building. These tests awake the skills in student’s inside.Also,studentsare curious about to discover new things.

On the otherhand,Torrence,E.P.(1968):found that traditional education is very beneficialfor shy students.He did test on one student.His name was Ollie.He thinks Olliewas a creative boy,but he didn’t speak anytime.Since Ollie was born in suburbanarea,he couldn’t adapt.His teacher saw this thanks to traditional education.

Hedid several tests on students,and found different talents.There are many peoplewho don’t be aware of their talents.In distance learning , you can’t discover aperson’s skills.In traditional education,you can learn fastly with yourinstructors.When you are face to face,you have many advantages.Being creativerequires patience and discipline.Schools provide creativity with your friend.Onthe other hand,thinking skills are very important for a good career.

If you arecreative person,you have more advantages.       Distance learning is not suitable forinterested in student’s psychology.Traditional Education system takes care ofstudents.It supports being together.The biggest problem is that we don’t showany interest our students.According to Raymond Philippe(2017):psychology is theresearch of people’s acts,performance,and their mental knowledge.There aresub-areas of psychology such as sports, education, business, and humandevelopment.

These sub-areas support good image on students.Psyhcologhy alsomakes you comfortable to live with others.There should be theraphists in theeducation system,and traditional system has them.If people want to besuccessful,they should have a good psychology in their mind.School scheduleprovides some abilities to psychology.

If you don’t get traditionaleducation,you can’t learn living with others.Getting education is not aboutonly learning skills.It is about life.School teachs how you should raise.Thereis a social life in a place where we call as a school.Seligman,Ernst,Gillham,Reivich,and Linkings (2009) : found that there is aconcept called positive education.

Some skills such as positive emotion andengagement should be taught at school.There is a synergy betweenpeople.Communication is related to psychology,and the concept of communicationrequires people.There are dilemmas in the distance learning, but traditionaleducation obtains good things about psychology.People need to each other todevelop themselves.The school can not be thought of as a place where there arelessons only.Traditional education is very important to human psychology.Itsupports and develops person.

People should be together ,and psychology lessonsshould be taught at school.     Some parents say traditional educationtires the students as physical,and schools have a heavy schedule.They believeschools have many activities.I give right about the schools have a heavyschedule and exhausting physical activities.However,the traditional educationsystem aims to develop the students.

Also,physical activities are helping to putout the bad energy from your body. I remember that when I was high school,everyone loves the physical education lesson the most.My friends always say me,we should play football or basketball.In distance learning,you have not chanceto play any sports.Allender,Cowburn,Foster(2006):say that physical activitiesare beneficial to health and general quality of life.It has proven to reduceheart-diseases.

Now,within the United States,type 2 diabetes reached 300 millionpeople.When we look today,distance learning can not be thought.Traditionaleducation encourages to do sports.Also,governments have many policies aboutphysical activities at school.Students can be tired,but the important thingraising a healthy generation.

Parents shouldn’t be worried about thestudents.Schools have a planned program,and they know what students like.On theother hand,we should focus on health.According to World Health Organization(2017):The obesity numbers are increasing everyday.In 2016, approximately 650million people were obese. Besides, most of them are aged 18.Also,41 millionchildren are overweight in the world.

When we think and evaluate these facts,wecan say that distance learning is unnesessary.Students should do sports sincebeing healthy and effective.If students want to be successful,they should makethemselves free.

People need to leisure time in their life.We can relaxourselves by doing physical activities as much as possible.     In conclusion,the education system shouldbe traditional since it is beneficial to social skills, thinking skills,psychological health, and physical activities.The distance education system cannot be implemented because of the situation of the world.Education is veryimportant for the governments.

They aim to raise a new generation.According toDeepika Sharma(n.d):education is very important for child development,and itimroves your skills.Countries should implement the best education system for agood future.

It should be a live process.Learning is not a staticact.Traditional education makes students valued.On the other hand,distancelearning is static.

There are schools to resume social life.Mustafa KemalAtatürk says “The center of science works are schools.Schools are necessarybecause of this.We should respect the name of the school withunderstanding.”(n.d). Traditional education increases your mental and physicalabilities with schools,but distance learning system is inadequate for manythings.

So,students should receive traditional education for a beautiful futureand a good education.