One of the set. Another very important objective

One of the quality objectives ofthis Standard is the minimization of chemical poisoning up to 98%, with a helpof thorough analysis of the raw materials in laboratories that enforced by theRussian government. The second important objective is less than 5% of productreject, again, due to careful supervision from the beginning of production.

Themost important requirements of consumers are safety, for health along with “0”mechanical damages, no splits or sharp broken parts. Aesthetics are also veryimportant, because customers pay for the beauty of the product, meaning thatthe decal shall be placed correctly, golden lines (if there are any) should beprecise and not sloppy, the design colors should match on the different itemsof the set. Another very important objective addresses improvement on thedelivery time from 70% up to 90% within a year of adoption of this standard. Ifeach step is followed correctly and with high accuracy, the production linewill become more efficient and fast with time. Moreover, the stability that ismeasured by the number of incidents should drop by 80%.

Using this Quality Standard, demandsand expectations of the manufacturers as well as consumers can be met.


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