One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

In the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey, the patients of the ward deal with the biggest obstacle in the novel: Nurse Ratched. Nurse Ratched is known for being the boss of the ward. What she says is what is followed and everyone is afraid of her. She has a tendency to manipulate the patients and she uses that to her advantage to control everyone. Nurse Ratched is the villain of the story because she made everyone afraid of her, turned everyone against each other, and manipulated all of the patients.

Nurse Ratched makes everyone afraid of her because she treats them like children and always talks to them in a monotone. She shows no expression or emotions when she speaks. An example would be on page 31, when Taber asks about the pills and Nurse Ratched says “That’s all right Miss Flinn. If Mr. Taber chooses to act like a child, he may have to be treated as such. We’ve tried to be kind and considerate with him. Obviously, that’s not the answer.

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Hostility, hostility, that’s the thanks we get. and made the situation they were in a lot more complicated than it needed to be. Not to forget, Nurse Ratched turns the men against each other for her own benefit, she believes that if the men tattletale on each other then it’ll make the men not trust or like each other. Her main concern is someone overpowering her; which is why she does not like McMurphy. When McMurphy enters the ward she feels like he is planning to take over.

On page 24 Nurse Ratched spoke to another nurse at the ward nd said “He is what we call a “manipulator” and that he will use everyone and everything around him to his own ends”. What most readers believe is that Nurse Ratched is afraid that McMurphy will try and change the rules at the ward; the rules she’s made and enforced. The last reason why Nurse Ratched is the villain of the story is because she manipulates all of the patients. She loves to make situations worse than they really are and likes to scare the men more than they need to be. An example would be when Billy

Bibbit started to talk about the girl he was in love with, and Nurse Ratched manipulated the situation by saying that his mother never knew about it and that he never told her; when his mother and Nurse Ratched are actually friends and knows that Billy is terrified of his mom. Another example would be on page 270-271, when the hookers came to the ward and messed around with the men. When Nurse Ratched first came in, Billy Bibbit was speaking normally, without any stutters, but when Nurse Ratched brought up he fact that she is going to call his mother and tell her about this he started stuttering again.

And she knows that Billy feels that way when his mother is brought up. Overall, Nurse Ratched is seen as the true villain of the ward and she uses it to her advantage. She knew she had all that power and she made sure she used it to her advantage. She’s manipulative, intimidating, and made sure no one formed any type of alliance with each other. She knows she is the villain and loves the feeling of it. She likes being a female with an insane amount of power over males.