One button, one person and one nation can

  One button, one person and one nation can kill 3.8 million people in 20 seconds. North Korea’s dynamic nuclear weapons and government has caused the world to be living in distress since their first nuclear testing in 2006. In the past 12 years, there has been over 8 United Nation sanctions that have been enforced on North Korea, each hoping to reduce their trade with other foreign nations and limit their economic growth.  However, most sanctions have been proved unsuccessful in diminishing DPRK’s Power. The UN Sanctions against North Korea should be lifted as North Korea is not significantly threatened by the current measures, the state has the great ability to elude sanctions, and the existence of sanctions may provoke even more threats and violence from the regime of Kim Jong-Un.        Firstly, Sanction #2039 that was enforced on September 11th of 2017 would be the 8th one the UN has voted on regarding North Korea. Although it has banned 50% of imports and cut almost 800 million dollars of revenue, North Korea has evidently shown that it is by any chance not threatened.  According to CNBC Reports, on the 69th founding day celebrations that took place on September 9th of 2017, some officials including Han Myong Sim have said “We know the Americans may come back with many more sanctions but in response we North Koreans will continue shooting up many more missiles and conduct many more H-bomb tests” while the crowd erupted in cheers. It has also been previously reported by the KCNA (Korea Central News Agency), that DPRK leader,  Kim Jong Un stated that the US will “pay price” if the sanctions are enforced. In addition, North Korea has great ability to elude the forces of the sanctions. Previously, in 2013, months after the Sanction #2087 was imposed; banning all trading of weapons from North Korea to foreign countries, authorities were informed that the Chong Chon Gang, which was supposedly carrying sugar from Cuba to North Korea, was, in fact, hiding weapons in its cargo.  Later on, UN proposed more stringent sanctions, including Sanction #2270 in 2016.  Weeks after, North Korea once again found an alternative way to import restricted items. When the famous North Korean Vessel the Jie Shun was intercepted by Egypt finding 30,000 pG-7 grenades and other military equipment.  According to John Park of Harvard Kennedy School, as a result of the sanctions, North Korea is desperate to get their hands around items that have been “prohibited” and encourages other nations to illegally transport materials to them for a larger price.   Furthermore, the objection of United Nation sanctions is to promote peace and prevent any disagreements between foreign nations. However, the existence of sanctions may provoke even more threats and violence from the regime of Kim Jong-Un.  According to U.S  UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, the recent sanction #2039 will be the most grueling sanction it has proposed and has been unanimously voted in favor for by all member states on September 11th.  Afterwards, on the following monday, North Korean Foreign Ministry has declared that ” it is ready to respond to the sanctions, with measures of its own.” North Korea’s own “response to sanctions”, are suspected to be leading into world war after this statement by KCNA news agency was posted earlier in December. “We define this ‘sanctions resolution’ rigged up by the US and its followers as a grave infringement upon the sovereignty of our Republic, and as a trigger of war, violating peace and stability in the Korean peninsula,”Some may argue, that with the recent sanctions, North Korea’s economic growth will fall drastically as it cuts down almost 30% of North Korea’s imports on oil, 55% on gas imports, and 900 million dollars of revenue.  However according to Harvard Professor and Financial Analyst, “North Korea’s Economy might benefit from the sanctions despite their drastic cuts in international trade and revenue” (park). Since the first sanction that was implemented in North Korea in 2006, each one has become more stringent and restrictive of their resources.  Despite United Nation’s Economic Sanctions and its efforts, North Korea’s economy has been growing at its highest rate in the past 17 years. John Park explains this as “In the category of unintended negative consequences, the application of sanctions has led the North Korean regime to find new, better, innovative ways to do business”.How can we prevent the possibility of 3.8 million deaths and a world war?  United Nation has done immense amounts of work all over the world to ensure safety and peace, but the recent Sanction on North Korea has proved fruitless in protecting citizens of the world from nuclear bombs and DPRK’s formidable government.  North Korea is a nation like no other, and is significantly not threatened by the current measures but also possesses great ability to elude sanctions.  Sanctions may  encourages more violence from North Korea, and finally provide potential to boost their economy.  Maybe one day, we will find peace between all nations and North Korea, but as of now, enforcing United Nation sanctions is not the practical solution.