One of the most prevalent
terms utilized in the quality management industry nowadays is “Taguchi Methods”.
Taguchi Methods are statistical methods that aim to reduce cost and decrease
failures in product design. Aside from statistics, Taguchi Methods emphasize the
significance of research and development to accomplish high quality control.

Well-known as the “Father of Quality Engineering,” Genichi Taguchi
is the one who has come up with the exceedingly effective quality control method.
He has helped his country Japan adapt during World War 2 where resources were
restricted and difficult to come by. Those amazing methods that he invented
helped in escalating resources and lower cost.

Genichi Taguchi was a Japanese engineer and
statistician who came up and developed a methodology based on statistics that helped
in improving the quality of the products manufactured at that time. Taguchi’s thoughts
concerning quality management are considered until now to be revolutionary
industrially and in business.

He was born in Tokamachi, a textile town in Japan in the year
1924 and died in 2012 at the age of 88.Taguchi continued working on his studies
and work in his country Japan,  turning
into a personage of notoriety inside the business world. His methods are known
around the globe. Nonetheless, they are not used on an identical scale.

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Genichi Taguchi’s proposals and methods faced much hesitance
during his first years in the the West. After some time, a few businesses have
adjusted to Japanese approach, while others kept on working under conventional

The impact of its concepts on experimental and robust design, and
in addition the lessening in varieties and some others of its hypothesizes, have
risen the merely industrial and production conceptions to be applied in
strictly commercial areas.

He was a member:

Taguchi has written and published many articles and books, and
has received many prizes and recognitions in and outside Japan. It is
worth mentioning that the Japanese Association for Quality Control and the
Japanese Standard Association, which are the most important Japanese
organizations for quality management, has recognized him as an important member
in their organizations. 


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