One of
the biggest challenges most new bloggers face when starting off blogging is
photography. As bloggers ourselves we often wonder how other professional
bloggers’ pictures turnout to look almost flawless, while after several attempts,
ours don’t seem to compare. Recently the most trendy style of photography
happens to be flat lay photography and we have come up with a few tips on how
achieve a perfect flat lay photo.

When is
comes to flat lay photography it is important to remember that it’s about
telling a visual story  and not just aimlessly laying out different items
hoping they will somehow come together in a photograph.  It’s all about
storytelling. That is, tailoring, planning, and strategically formulating a
single story.

Now if you
take a look at the way most brands display their flat-lays, they all share a
few common variables. Although there are many different ways you can style and
photograph your pieces, all flat-lays share these three factors
when building a visual story.


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Most times,
we focus only on the aesthetic aspect of the pictures as opposed to what we
intend to communicate. As a blogger when companies provide you with their
products for marketing purposes you have to pull something more out of your bag
of tricks. 

So let’s
get into it!


background is the first piece in creating a successful flat lay. It essentially
sets the overall tone or mood of your photo and can determine the effectiveness
of your story.

example, a fur backdrop does not compliment food. So creating a flat lay with a
desert bowl over sheep skin is not the best idea. Not only is it a far cry from
being aesthetically pleasing, it could very well confuse your audience
and the message you’re trying to convey.

Because when people see fur, it speaks to luxury, design, fashion, or
femininity. No one rarely ever sees fur and thinks “oh yeah,
food!” So always make sure your background “compliments”,
and not contradicts your story.

So what
types of backgrounds work for flat lays, and when should I use them?


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