Omo national park is located in Ethiopia.
The park is 4068 square kilometers and the latitude of the park is 5 degree 39′
59.99″ N and longitude 36 degree 09’60.00″ E. Its specific location is jinka.
The dimensions of the national park is 1,571 mi^2. The elevation of the park is
topography. The average temperature of the national park is usually 35 degree
and there are days when temperature exceeds up to 48 degree. The average annual
rainfall is between 100 and 200m. An interesting fact about omo national park
is 306 species of birds have been identified there.


The history of the park. Omo’s first
settlers were the current native people where the mursi, the suri, the nyangatom,
the dizi and the me’en.The park was established in 1966 for wildlife protection
and continued to develop through the 1970’s. So in the same year it designated
by the government of Ethiopia.


The geological formations. Omo’s
geomorphology of the area is formed by a river basin. A basin would have eroded
away a large area of land as its drainage basin, which would produce a low,
flat area called a river basin. The river of omo and the omo valley are
important geological features; it also includes a mountain range called the
maji mountain as well as the sharum and sai plains. The rock type formed in the
Omo Park is sedimentary rocks. A unique rock formation is some fossils found
there. The first bone was found in 1967, they were thought to be 130,000 years



has very nice vegetation among the Omo River. There are a lot of different
animals in the park like buffalo, giraffe, burchell’s, zebra, gerenuk and
greater and lesser kudu. The birds are also typical of the dry grassland
habitat. The park is highly protected by government. However the legislation
for protecting the park never really occurred. In 2005 the park was placed
under the PTAP (LLC). An organization that was established with the
responsibility of maintaining the park.

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tourism within the park. Driving in the park is kind of hard because it very
dusty. A lot of foreign people visit the park. And when people hike they
recommend the tribes, but to bring a cooked food. There is a lot of camping
people out in the Omo Park. There is no rain in omo regine it’s the hottest
part of Ethiopia.


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