Omantel’s Strategic Implementation

According to Johnson (2008), the con­cept of
capa­bil­i­ties in strate­gic man­age­ment is appeal­ing because it sug­gests
that a company’s com­pet­i­tive­ness depends on how it does and what it does.
In other words, strate­gic capa­bil­i­ties are recognized as impor­tant in
order to cre­ate and sus­tain a com­pet­i­tive advantage. In order to have a
successful and complete market, a company’s products and services are to be
given to the customers with appropriate products in affordable price through
appropriate channels and promotions.  Although
there are many widening obstacles, mantel showed strong adherence to its
operational and financial plan. It maintained the name as the county’s flagship
telecom company and expanded its customer base. However, this continued growth
is at a much slower pace.  strongest
asset of the firm is its loyal customers coupled with the better-quality
network. Having focused on maximum service delivery, quality and innovation in
approaches, the company’s revenue escalate year after year. All these happened
because of the strategic implementation done well by the top management.

HR Strategies

Omantel’s HR
function has been re-engineered and revived – and now it’s become integral to
the telecoms company’s ambitious future plans. The firm takes much care to keep
its workforce updated with the skill and ready to face the challenges in the
field. They serve the organization fully equipped with the needed skills and
knowledge. According to the company’s Management discussions and analysis of
2016, total number of employees in the group (Domestic Operations) as of Dec’16
stood at 2,567 (2,689 in Dec’15). With total number of Omanis of 2,291,
compared to 276 Non-Omani employees. The HR initiatives are part of a two-year
plan aligned to the company’s overall business strategy, which prioritizes
customers and employees, digital transformation and innovation. A more
business-savvy and agile HR function is one of the four pillars of the new
strategy. The HR department at Omantel is made up of 119 employees and was the
first to have a plan aligned to the company’s strategy.

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HR staff took a
proactive approach to dealing with other business functions, and attitudes have
changed. The performance management system had to change, so in 2010 the
company decided to scrap employee appraisals and distribute bonuses equally. In
fact, the entire corporate strategy is the result of innovative contributions
from employees, working alongside a consultant for eight months as part of a
focus group.

Strategic Innovative Positioning

The telecom field in Oman has been faced a lot
of changes in view with the innovation in the world telecom community.
Technological advancement, better customer care, policies to attain competitive
advantage are the main factors which contributed to this success. Fast growing
mobile market paved the way for boom. Although this is the scenario, Omantel proved
compact operational and financial performance during the last few fiscal years.
The firm continued to lead the domestic telecom market

Sustainable Social Responsibilities

Omantel’s CSR programs focus on three key
areas; health, safety and environment, social partnerships and charitable
projects. The company work together with the government, private sector and
non-profit organizations ensuring its state of art service. In addition, it focuses
on identifying, understanding and addressing the most important social,
economic and environmental issues for stakeholders, with sustainability
commitments, strategies and insights.

company employs its own experience in supporting and implementing CSR
initiatives and reaches closely with our partners including government
institutions, private sector organizations and non-profit organizations, to
ensure maximum of its envisaged policies are realized.

In short, Omantel’s
sustainability strategy framework consists of three pillars, which also form
the structure of this sustainability report. 
Each area of strategy represents an opportunity where Omantel can add
value to its stakeholders in alignment with the core business as a
telecommunications company as well as a responsible corporate citizen.  The firm has also identified 2020 objectives
for each of the pillars and key enablers to help us deliver on its commitments.
Overall, the company’s strategy aims to use our resources, assets and
capabilities to enhance digital access, support the local communities and the
environment affected by our operations and provide the opportunities to our
employees to reach their maximum potential.



In short, Omantel’s success story can be red
closely associating its never decaying professionalism and commitment to the
business activities. The company’s strategic excellence contributed to its
success and it helps it to be in the leading seat of telecommunications
industry in Oman.  The highlighted points
I this assignment show that any organization must take care to handle the
issues with care as Omantel does. 


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