As the 2008 is the year for the Olympic Games, according to the China Olympic Games committee, that the 2008 Games are expected to receive about 7 million spectators. (China Olympic games committee, 2008 online) and the air transport is the essential tool to travel to China. So BA should take it as the opportunity to re- built its reputations. Firstly, it can corporate with some hotels in China, as the Olympic games is going to hold in the Beijing capital of China, which means during that time people around the world will all travel to Beijing to watch the games, therefore the accommodation will be the first issue to those travellers.

All the big airlines would have at least one or two long term corporate hotel to ensure the accommodations of its customers for any emergence situations, such as machineries problems of the aircraft. So BA should take this as an advantage and launch a campaign called: ‘You book the air tickets with us and we book your accommodations’ which means if the customer buy a ticket to fly to China during the Olympic games time from BA then BA will automatically book a accommodation in Beijing for he or she.

Because the date of the Games is approaching so that most the Medias are focusing on it, therefore the campaign will quickly gain the attention from them. Secondly, some benefits need to obviously see by the audience and customers, the service of book extra ticket for other airlines can be offered within the campaign. This means, when a customer books a ticket with BA to fly to Beijing, and if this passenger wishes to visit another city of China too, then BA can also help him or her to book that ticket. This is not hard to BA, because it has the agency in China already so that they easily do it through the agency.

Finally, before the game starts, lots of the sports personalities, (not just from UK but all around the world) will be covered by journalist and all other Medias. So it would be beneficial for BA if they can sponsor some of the famous sportsman to say that he or she would like to travel to China with BA and that BA is their favourite airlines. This would not be regarded as a blatant commercial campaign or an absurd statement when he or she is been interviewed. Then the awareness of BA will quickly rise as people easily believe the words seem not speak out by purpose.

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