OCT 17, 2017 by The Most Common Network ProblemsAnna Johansson

This journal article talks about the most problems that happened on the internet and how to fix it, and here in this summary, I tried to collect the important problems with the solution and conclusion it.


When we talk about the problems there is a lot and ever since becomes another problem, but I am going to mention the most common on the internet like the Slow internet, A signal without a connection, Periodic outages, IP conflicts, VOIP quality issues, Connections with limited access. These some of many problems that are Threaten the Internet.

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(Main common problem and how to fix it)

1- slow internet:

Slow internet is the bane of every worker’s existence. Your router maybe has many devices that are making the internet heavy, maybe your router provides itself or investigate them and attempt to fix them, one by one, until you find the root of the problem.

2- A signal without a connection:

You will see a signal from your router but on your device, won’t be able to connect the internet. Maybe your device out of range so move your device and restart the router, if it still can’t connect then might probably the problem with the hardware. In this case, you need to replace the hardware entirely.

3- VOIP quality issues:

Issues surrounding option calls furthermore delays, interruptions, and aerate issues can be caused by many variables. Even so, you may be experiencing a grate vacillate, introduce jitter buffers, which start off packed caches or packets of VOIP information, to ensure a smooth stream of information from one point to another.

Conclusion & recommending

As you can see above the there are many problems that are made the internet not working well but it easy to fix. And Here are some tips to avoid the problems, getting power, check your status, Check cable connection, restart the modem, These IT problems might be confusing, but it will be easier if you know how to resolve them. Keep in touch with your best IT professionals nearby, watch carefully for any interruptions in service, and keep trying until you can get things running again


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