Presently, obesity is now considered a national health crisis in America. The number of adults and children suffering from obesity continues to rise. Obesity is a factor in many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and reflect upon the article titled “Correlates of Psychosocial Well-Being Among Overweight Adolescents: The Role of the Family. ” According to the article, almost 25% of the teenagers in America are overweight.

Adolescents suffering from obesity face unpleasant ridicule by classmates, and sometimes from their own family members. Even parental weight-related comments have the potential to influence children negatively. Many of these young people develop low self-esteem and entertain suicidal thoughts. The article also explores the role of the family in helping overweight teenagers experience positive well-being and avoid developing eating disorders. The following is a summary of the main ideas discussed in the article: Family environment has been linked to eating behaviors and weight.

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Family connectedness has been associated with better health and psychosocial outcomes among overweight youths. The example presented states those adolescents whose families placed a high priority on family meals and who reported a positive mealtime atmosphere were less likely to engage in disordered eating. I agree with the article that many people, especially teenagers, who suffer from obesity, may have problems with low self-esteem. It has to be challenging to be teased endlessly about one’s weight.

Even when parents are trying to be supportive by encouraging their teenagers to diet, the consequences can be negative. Therefore, I think it is important for parents to just show unconditional love to their children. I also think that having daily family meal times will help with the weight problems. For example, the parents could provide healthy home cooked meals. This will help reduce trips to fast food restaurants, or the temptation to consume other unhealthy convenience food products. Also, eating together as a family will help reinforce the family bond.

During mealtimes, parents will be able to talk to their overweight children and focus on positive things about the children such as their intelligence, unique talents, or kind hearts. Eating together as a family will help keep the children from withdrawing and becoming isolated. Moreover, if parents are also suffering from weight problems, they could set a good example for the overweight children. It is important for the parents to keep an abundance of healthy food and healthy snacks in the house. They should make sure there are plenty of natural fruit juices, and avoid purchasing soft drinks.

Moreover, parents should plan outdoor activities for the family to participate in together, such as joining a sports team, going for a daily family walk, or roller-skating. They should make these activities fun. This will help the overweight members of the family from getting depressed, because fresh-air, sunshine and physical movement naturally lifts the spirits. Furthermore, because the problem of obesity is so large in society, schools should be required to provide only healthy meals to students, and vending machines filled with junk foods should be prohibited. As a society we need to develop a healthier lifestyle.