Nursing Practice is to give care to those who are ill and make correct judgment when taking care of your patient. Nurses are to apply correct skill and proper knowledge that was taught to us in our school and clinics. Nurses do not make medical diagnoses or prescribe rehabilitation or medication to our patients. Scope of Practice:

Nursing responsibilities are to observe, assess, evaluate, rehabilitate, counsel, and teach those who are ill in order to maintain or prevent reoccurrences. Nurses are to administer medication or treatment; ordered, given, and signed by a physician. They are allow to supervise the teaching of nursing and are to be well versed with their practices, policies, and procedures. Definition of Advance Practice:

Advance practice nursing includes: nurse practitioners, nursing midwife, nursing anesthetist, or clinic nurse specialist with the appropriate licenses to practice as an Advance Practice Nurse (APN). All APN’s have an education level as high as a Master’s Degree. APN’s can take responsibility for diagnosing patients and prescribing medication. Prescriptive privileges:

Nursing prescriptive privileges depend on the level of nurse you are, Advance Practice Nurse or Professional Nurse. As a professional nurse you are allowed to administer or distribute prescriptive medication with a doctor’s approval and a signature. As an APN, you can prescribe medication and administer medication without initial doctor approval depending on what scheduled level the medication is. Requirements to obtain new license for new graduates:

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For a nurse to obtain a new license after graduation one will need to follow the appropriate steps in applying for you license. The Board of Nursing will want a criminal back ground check and a set of your finger prints on initial application. They will submit a Board sworn application stating: they have a professional character, they have completed an approved nursing program, and have passed their licensure exam, followed with the appropriate documentation and paperwork. Activities that can lead to disciplinary action of a nurse: denial, suspension, or revocation of license:

Activities that can lead to disciplinary action of nurse include the use of drug or alcohol while on shift or on call. Fraudulently obtaining or producing a nursing diploma, license or renewal. If you deny a physical or psychological exam for possible physical or mental impairment, or a chemical dependency. They are mandated to report patient care concerns, such as fraud, violation of patient boundaries, abuse, or exploitation by another professional. Continuing education/competency requirements for re-licensure:

A nurse must complete their continuing education program set up by the Board of Nursing. Nurses are not required to complete more the 20 hours of continuing education of a two year license. A nurse’s portfolio of certain certificates can be considered when renewing their license. Requirements for schools of nursing:

A school that is going to be approved by the Board of Nursing must have an educational setting in a school and a clinical setting in a hospital. The school must have an approved accreditation program submitted to the Board of Nursing. The school must also maintain a pass rate set up by the Board of Nursing on the licensure exam. Composition and responsibilities of the state board of nursing:

In the state of Texas responsibilities for the Board of Nursing include: regulation of the practice of vocational nursing and professional nursing, as well as establish standards of conduct for license holders. Other responsibilities include approval and check up on nursing programs, these programs can be subject to denial by the Board of Nursing and it is the board’s duty conduct procedure for this. The board can approve or deny a nursing license and if need be conduct a proceeding in revoking a nursing license. It is their duty to keep up with nursing submissions for license renewal and make sure standard and procedures are being followed.


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