ntroduction    In this Day and age media is everywhere, there are so many ways to find information about things that are going on around us whether it is getting information through the TV shows that we watch or on the radio, books, newspapers, magazines, internet and even the advertisements on billboards media is all around us. Media is there to entertain and showcase social issues. In this essay, I will be discussing what the role of mass media in society is by using theoretical models. C. Wright Mills (1916-1962) is one of the theorists that I will be using among others.     Mass media   Mass media in sociology means communicating and sending messages, for example, Digital media (Broadcast, television, radio, Internet) and print media (Newspapers and magazines). When I think about mass media I think about mass communication which large scales of organizations use with one or more of the methods of media to communication as listed above in order to target large numbers of people. What is the importance of mass media You say? Mass media informs and educate people about what is going on in the world and their communities this form of media comes from newspapers, news on the TV and on the Internet. Mass media can also be used to inform society about criminal activities in order to warn the public.      Fear of crime    Human beings are so obsessed with crime stories whether it is fiction or non- fiction. I read an article online by Alice Courtauld 2014 that said almost 30 percent of newspapers converge is about crime. Some people argue that it is dangerous for newspapers to be reporting crime all the time because it causes a moral panic. The role of media in relation to crime reporting is to Inform the public. When reporting the media already know that crime stories give the public (readers) all the materials of a good Book so therefore they have to sell the stories in a way that will interest the public and also intrigue them. Media coverage of crime and deviance is filtered through journalists’ sense of what makes an event newsworthy – a good story that media audiences want to know about. The idea of this is driven by what is known as ‘news values’ (Alice Courtauld 2014).     Crime reporters pick and choose what to report and which view of the story they want to portray to the public. In relation to crime specifically, Jewkes (2004) that new reporters only feature new that are considered significant or dramatic enough to be newsworthy, reporting a rap will make the news by reporting a serial rapist is what they call newsworthy. There was an incident of “Rape reporting in West Bengal” because rape is most often reported in that region people believe that they cannot live there because they are afraid, yes rape happens there but the truth of the matter is rape can happen anywhere it is just not reported as much. Another example is where I live south London when you mention south London to people especially Brixton or Peckham people automatically get scared because they have heard that there are a lot of gang activities and killing. The truth is yes there are gangs there but there are also nice and quiet areas within Brixton and Peckham because the media have painted a negative image people consider the whole of Brixton and Peckham to be bad. The effect of reporting newsworthy stories is causing the public to fear their surrounding even though crime activates may not be happing in their area. The reporters are so keen on making the stories appeal to the public but what they end up doing is causing anxiety and fear into them.         Media influence on youth violence    The way mass media is nowadays have not always been this way, for example, TV’s were not as popular as they are now most people did not have access to Television, therefore, were not influenced by it, even if you had a television there were only 3 channels on it. Violence is everywhere, you turn on the TV and violence is there, you look at your phone and violence is there, you go to school and violence is there. “The average child will witness over 200,000 acts of violence on the television including 16,00 murders before age 18″ (rkCity007 2012).      Youths are easily influenced by what they see, in this modern age media is a part of our way of living. Anyone can get access to media children as young as 7 years have phones, tablets and laptops although media can be used for learning opportunities certain forms of media pose as serious safeguarding issues. In youth’s social media is the biggest form of mass media the most used form of social media is Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. Young people are constantly exposed to ongoing online violence for example reports of gang activities or gang-related videos showcasing young children in violent music videos (drill music videos) in these videos it shows young children provocative images and violent nihilistic lyrical content. Videos like encourage youths and young children to join gangs and adapt their lifestyle of making money through selling drugs and other illegal activities. I was browsing the internet and came across an interesting article from Property detective by (Ashley Salek 2017) the name of the article was called ” Crime rate in London: How bad is your borough” I found out that Barking and Dagenham has 104% more crime than the national average which is mainly violent and drugs offences reports. There have been 131 anti-social behavior offenses reported in the last year, the reporter said the level of crime was due to young children and gangs. Youths are every influential therefore whatever they see on TV will appeal to them.        Class-Dominated Theory     Sociologist like Max Weber describes power as the ability to achieve goals without the support of the society. There are three different power models 


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