In my opinion, students of the 21st century have a lot of distractions and it is important to know how to maintain friends and school in a right balance. The technological revolution is one of those distractions.

Students prefer to be online using social networks and communicating themselves with friends and family, playing games or downloading music.Technology also transforms the very structure of knowledge because students think that the right answer can be found in Google, therefore, this can change the way people think or write. Technology has a big influence in young people. This article mentions how this technological revolution isn’t the only activity that we should blame on why students aren’t dedicating their time on doing homework or studying.Since many schools are trying to increase income, they are admitting more students and this is one of the main causes on why classes are packed with students. Teaching to large classes means assigning to students less reading or writing, and by consequence, students are not learning what they are suppose to learn. Since is very difficult to pay attention to what the teacher is saying, the interest that a person may have in class is lost, and so, students lose interest and they stop assisting to class.

To sum up, I think colleges shouldn’t admit a certain number of students per class, this way, we can really pay attention. And for us, students we should learn how to maintain a good balance with school and our social life or activities. The future is, without a doubt, in the hands of today’s youth, and it is up to us, whether we want to change it for better or worse and we can only achieve this with the right education because education is what opens our minds.