Nowadays, student, who does not exercise becomes more

  Nowadays, the number of diseases, laziness and poor capacity of students has increased significantly and this is not a good indicator. Some solutions exist to solve these problems. Some people say that physical exercise should be a required part of every school day and other people believe that students should spend the entire school day In academic studies it is my opinion that sports must take something fundamental in students’ day and this is why sports benefits. First, physical exercises for students develop their mental and physical abilities. It increases the student’s absorption, increasing his interaction within the classroom. And also make the student more creative in his work, for example: to become a student able to organize its own schedule and the student begins to produce and invent new things, unlike students who do not exercise. In terms of physical capacity development, physical exercise makes students more active and more flexible. Second . Physical exercises for students reduce their illnesses. Increase the activity of the blood circulation, and strengthen the bones and some diseases that can affect the students, the first weakness of the muscles and bones, causing osteoporosis. Also lack immunity, diabetes, heart disease, back pain and strengthen the immune system physical exercises increase the student strength and activity and vitality are pleased Also regulate sleeping hours and relieve mental disorders. Finally, physical exercise makes the student fun and fun. Playing with friends makes the student more enthusiastic and social. This is also a reason to discharge excess energy to the student. It also promotes psychological health and strengthens relationships among students. For example, football and basketball make the student more cooperative and communicate with his friends. Unlike the student, who does not exercise becomes more isolated than other students. In Conclusion, There are many benefits that require physical exercise to be part of a student school days and I hope all family understand why it should require physical exercise.