Nowadays our surroundings are more and more influenced by technology. Modern society cannot live without using such technologies as mobile phones and computers. It starts to exist in every part of our private and social life by becoming non removable part of our day-to-day lives. In one smartphone we can carry a huge amount of information and knowledge thanks to an easy connection to the Internet. Things that once were achieved by huge computers or multiple tools now can be completed using small device that fits in our pockets. Electronic devices are appearing in every field of life in order to make it easier. By many technology is considered to have decreased our communication with each other. It is true that mobile phones tend to make representatives of young generation more antisocial in person but at the same time it provides a way for public to socialize in a different approach. Society and times change, we are living at much faster pace than before and technology makes it possible to interact with other people on daily basis. Online communication is not limited to texting, we can make calls and video chat using various platforms. Obviously, nothing can replace talking in real life but thanks to technology we can communicate with people from all around the world not only with our fellow students or coworkers. Therefore, technology has not really decreased our communication with each other; it has changed the way this communication occurs.An obvious explanation is that XXI century changed the way we communicate. Due to a faster pace of life people does not have as much time as they used to have, everyone is absorbed by work, school or both. Undeniably the Internet is the greatest communication achievement of mankind. The popularity of the global network is huge because you can learn pretty much everything and discuss every single possible topic. In addition, the anonymity and the lack of consequences for your words are extremely tempting. Sometimes, even television and press, refers to information gathered on the forum from a website, draws conclusions and presents us opinions of Internet users. They do so because the views of the ones who are usually silent in fear of mocking or repercussions are expressed on the Internet. The life surrendered to the digitization. For young people it is a norm. They are existing online, where they are building their identity – more or less alternative to real one. The Internet is also eliminating fear accompanying us during real meetings as well as is minimizing consequences of the possible rejection. American researcher of the Internet, Don Tapscott, claims that we can observe new demographic group characterised by placing computer above TV. This new tool often causes role reversal in the family when children are teaching how to use the computer. In some cases, it is reducing the intensity of conflicts among parents and adolescent children. Steve Gerali, the Department boss of Adolescent Studies in Judson College thinks that the “generation of the Network” is much more craving for the interpersonal relationship than previous generations. Young people wish the intimacy, constancy and the safety in relationships. Internet is guaranteeing them anonymity and consequently the sense of security in combination with a possibility of many casual contacts.XXI century gives access to the unlimited number of people without the need of meeting them in real life which is time and energy-intensive. In result – to meet new people and to remain in touch with the ones we already know – communication moved to the Internet and mobile apps. In 2016 almost 70% of Polish Internet users was invested in activities in the media community and nearly 14 million Poles are using Facebook according to ‘We Are Social’ research. Just by installing the Messenger app you can reach friends wherever they are, or start a group conversation. This type of the communication has spread mostly amongst young people who have used Short Message Service (SMS) in the past. They appreciate the comfortability and also the fact that such a text message is reaching the addressee almost immediately. What is important, the sender is getting notified of its delivery. Communicating with brief text messages caused a creation of a specific system of abbreviations. The text message most often counts one hundred sixty signs, so applying cuts is helping to include everything the sender wants in it. To bypass this obstacle people communicating with text messages have created their own language of the intercommunication. In effect a peculiar language made of abbreviations used by young people can be difficult to understand for the average layperson. It is worth mentioning that Skype, Facetime and many others make video chats possible. Having conversations while using camera and microphone allows not only for a verbal contact, but in addition we have and image of our interlocutor. It is an interesting invention. It does not differ much from a phone call but it is a little bit more developed through using the image and creating a feeling of close contact with a second person.


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